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Luke's personal story

I really do not know where to begin. My life has been destroyed. My ex-partner has stolen all of my savings and has left me in tens of thousands of dollars in debt. She obtained my credit card number and spent my employer payout on clothes, eBay items, dinners out, out court costs relating to an item that she presented to me as a gift but, obviously was not paid for.

At the same time, when allowed to collect some of her belongings from my place, she has stolen five of my artworks. I would have sold these, with great pain, in order to deal with my debts. She has wrecked my car and not contributed to maintaining my place. She has lied many, many times. She has manipulated my life to such an extent that I had no phone nor internet connections to contact my family. I am so disappointed that so many men in my situation have no where to turn to.

We are, indeed, the forgotten third of domestic violence.

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