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M's personal story

I was abused by my now ex wife, physically many times and verbally continuously. I should have left after the first time it was physical but I guess I made excuses of it being a one off, to this day I'm ashamed I didn't. I still have the photos of my purple bruised chest after she had the second episode, again why I didn't leave is beyond me. She said if I ever did the same she'd have an AVO out on me, why I felt I couldn't do the same thing I guess is cultural. She would have been right to do so if I ever did but why couldn't I? The third time ended the marriage in my head, not that I escaped it all because I couldn't talk about what had happened to me so I guess I suffered in silence.

At the end in the last hope attempts via counselling I again was made to feel like it was nothing by the counsellor. She brushed it off as something that was a nothing, Made it sound as though I had been abused as a child for not being able to get over it. That is my last attempt at counselling, that one person has turned me off it for good.

To this day my ex still tries to control me knowing i'll never tell anyone about her indiscretions. Maybe I just should.

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