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Patrick's personal story

Good afternoon, my name is Sherlyn and I am submitting this story on behalf of my cousin. I came across your site literally trying to cope with the death of my cousin Patrick. He was stabbed by his girlfriend in the heart and died in the hospital 11/13/16.

He had expressed to my mother and his mother of being woken up by her dashing a bucket of water in his face while sleeping to find her over him with a knife. So the signs were there.

The last time I saw my cousin was May 2016, it had been about 2 years. He lived in California and I live in Nevada. So it was a nice surprise. He was in such distressed state and told me he was so upset he got a call that same day to find out she destroyed his car. I really cannot say why he stayed in such a toxic relationship.

I am writing this to see if there are any resources I can advise my aunt and family of to help with his funeral services or anything for his children that are now fatherless. I have set him up a go fund me account because that is the only thing I could think of.

More people need to be made aware that men are victims of domestic violence and are ultimately killed. My heart is broken and our family is really lost. Please any insight to help us is appreciated. The link to the go fund me is listed below. Thanks kindly for taking the time out to read this.


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