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One in Three no longer presenting at Strathfield Council Domestic & Family Violence Forum, 13th May

Four weeks after being invited to participate; a fortnight after the official flyer was circulated; and just four days after the program was confirmed, One in Three received an apologetic email yesterday from Strathfield Council.

The email withdrew the Council's invitation for One in Three to present at the Domestic & Family Violence Forum on 13th May. The reason given was that the Stop Domestic Violence Action Group is trying to develop links with welfare organisations to connect victims of domestic violence directly with crisis emergency services. Hence it isn't the right audience for our presentation about male victims of family violence.

The current program for the event includes Our Watch and Bankstown Primary School, neither of which are welfare organisations nor emergency services.

We are disappointed that once again a Domestic Violence event will have no advocacy for the one in three victims of family violence who are male.

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Reader Comments (1)

I Have been in family court for 5 years on proven via confession of false allegations of DV, against fraudulent socialist services corruption by Legal Aid Queensland they still won't let my 5yo son see me, despite court orders, anyone like to try explaining that?

The real issue is no moral compass especially from our civil service employee's, illegitimate authority, is a clear indicator of APD [sociopaths and psychopaths].

1% of the population have Antisocial Personality Disorder APD [ref DSM5] that is 230,000 psychopaths in Australia alone. Worldwide 70,000,000.
APD [psychopaths] is why we are always at war, they are genetically flawed, disposing them to be criminally and morally insane.

So where are they all, Terrorist States, ISIS, socialist states, civil services? Seems psychopaths gravitate to positions of power it is their nature.

Australia is experiencing a massive constitutional crisis, 21 Billion PA wasted on fraudulent socialist services corruption in family court alone, 21 deaths per week by way of suicide, where is the public outcry here?,

Our courts and civil services are awash with fraud and political corruption, especially here in Queensland.

Please stop funding legal aid Queensland socialist corruption and their feminists agenda.

Please ask the [our] government.
1. Do they employ psychopaths in civil services?
2. How many psychopaths are employed in or civil services?
3. Why are they employing psychopaths in civil services?
4. Have they warned the people they are employing psychopaths in civil services?


May 6, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterSteve

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