Michael's personal story
Sunday, June 18, 2017
One in Three Campaign

Hi, I will keep this short as I know it will mean nothing in reality. I have had more than one partner abuse me physically and mentally, hit me while I was driving the car, run over me in the car, smash my house up etc. I have called the police many times and they just check on her for bruises and ask her if I touched her then leave, once even saying if I couldn't calm her down I would have to spend the night in the watch house. I am not alone but we keep talking one in three victims are men. I honestly believe it's the other way around just men don't report it or the police don't. It's all bullshit, it really is but no one wants to paint women in a bad light. We just have to put up with bogus figures and abuse and just get on with life.

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