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Frederick's personal story

Right now, I am rent-sharing with my ex who cheated on me with my best mate. The day of the lease signing was when she cheated on me, and the day my former lease ran out is when she told me, and asked for a break to figure herself out. I said no, that I want a break-up, and am moving out as soon as I could (her brother was happy to take my place on the lease, thankfully).

Since the day of the break-up, I have been chased down the hallways and yelled at through the door. I have had gifts I bought her destroyed before my eyes. Whenever I asked for a bit of space, she'd begin yelling at me, saying I should stop being angry at her. That it was all my former friend's fault they slept together. That it is all my fault for wanting to leave. Whenever she really wanted to hurt me, she'd tell me to go and stay at my former mate's place.

Yesterday, it came to a head when she had blocked me into my room so she could yell at me. I was able to get past when she let go of the frame, but then she punched me in the back. I called the police, but by the time they arrived, she was out the front crying. The police at least believed me when I told them my side, and got her to stay with her parents until I could move out.

But I suppose at least I am able to get out.

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