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Jack's personal story

I have been psychologically tortured for the past 3 years by my ex-partner. I was a high ranking bikie, she was a prostitute. We formed a friendship then fell in love and started dating. She quit working in the brothel and moved in with me. Soon she became pregnant with my gorgeous daughter. Then she suffered post-natal depression and was also a sufferer of BPD, OCD and numerous other mental health issues and wasn't taking her medication because it would pass on to my daughter via breast feeding. That's when the girl of my dreams became a living nightmare.

She would often smash my house up and throw my stuff out in the front yard. I told her to take her meds and went back to sleep then got woken up by police dragging me out of bed at gunpoint claiming I had assaulted my partner and newborn baby which was a false statement leading to a police investigation. I was charged with assault, stalking and intimidation and an AVO was placed on me for 12 months banning me from going to my own house and seeing my daughter.

I thought they were still residing in my house and I never went to check because I would be in breach of the AVO, but little did I know she had moved out and took all my belongings including all my furniture and a $15,000 coin collection I had inherited. She had been renting my house illegally to someone else.

I hadn't seen or heard from her for 12 months when I got a phone call asking to meet so I could see my daughter. Having not seen her for a year I was excited to see my daughter so I met with them for lunch. I recall her asking what had I done the weekend before. I replied “nothing just had a quiet one and stayed home,” then a couple of days afterwards the police came around and placed another AVO on me claiming that on the day I "had a quiet one and stayed home," I was standing out the front of my ex's house doing burnouts on my bike and making throat cutting motions to her.

She had planned this extremely well. The police believed her, the courts believed her, my own father even believed her. He's since apologised to me. But the damage was done. Cost me thousands in legal fees to fight it but because I was a bikie and 3 times the size of her they all believed her story. I had taken this woman in out of the goodness of my heart and she turned around and for a reason only she will ever know ruined my life and my daughter's life through 3 years of pathological lies.

It took me 2 years for the family court to locate her because she was renting a house in a fake name and every time the court went to serve a summons on her she would tell them she didn't know me and her boyfriend at the time was my daughter's father, then they would move house again. I finally got her to court and started seeing my daughter twice a week for 2 hours. I was delighted as I could finally spend some time with my daughter. After a few visits we clicked and became father and daughter again. Then we went back to court and my ex lied to them again and said that my daughter is scared of me and won't bond with me, despite me having numerous videos and photos to prove otherwise. The judge believed her lies again and granted a 3 month adjournment so we could have supervised visits at the family relationships Australia centre.

Now she has run off with my daughter again and I have to start from scratch all over again. So frustrating. I had planned on leaving the MC and joining the army but due to the false claims made to police I now have a criminal record and won't be accepted. She knew quite well that I wouldn't have her charged with making false claims to the police because it's against the bikie code to make statements, and besides it wouldn't be a good look for a bikie or his club to be charging a woman with assaulting him. What would that have done for our reputation as fearless bikies? The local paper would have it front page for sure. So for 3 years I have just copped it on the chin, but now its biting me in the arse when I'm the victim.

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