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Peter's personal story

I think you'll find that domestic violence is 50/50 so it's really 1 in 2 not 1 in 3. In all of my relationships with women, I have been regularly abused. That is why I'm not in one now and haven't been for many years. I gave up because my experience has taught me that women are clever, manipulative, violent and so so selfish. One girlfriend was probably bipolar because she was lovely one minute and the next she'd be punching the shit out of me and jumping on me and trying to kill me. Another girlfriend was probably Obsessive Compulsive cause she'd put everything in its special place and scream at me and hit me if forgot where every household item lived. She used to change the special places every 3 weeks, so that made it hard for me to remember. Both of these girls were abused by their mothers and suffered severe anxiety. Both had been extremely sexually permissive and reckless and used drugs as a part of that. Until you stop women's violence towards their children none of the domestic problems will be solved.

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