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Will's personal story

Summer caught me at a time where I was at my weakest. I was desperate for love and in need for someone to take care of me. I gave her the world with dinners, gifts, constant attention and compliments. For Valentines Days I paid 200 bucks for a nice dinner and she was texting her ex during the dinner. I should have given up but I kept pushing ahead hoping she'd want just me.

During the span of the relationship, she was emotionally and physically abusive. She'd become drunk and throw things at my head and hit me and try to hurt me. Even when she was sober she'd hit, scratch and pinch me. One time she pinched me so hard it left a bruise on my face and it hurt for several days. The emotional side was being told I wasn't good enough and no one would ever want me.

The pain of this relationship has taken its toll on me and I can't even consider another relationship. I broke up with her after the pain got bad and she chased me for a while. I couldn't look back because it all hurt too bad. I feel ashamed I let it happen to me and a sense of quiet anger. She took advantage of a deep depression and a guy who just wanted to be loved. Now I'm just left with bad memories and a sense of disaffection toward relationships.

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