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Dark Secrets: Australia's Hidden Shame - Prime 7 TV program with Ray Martin

Acclaimed Australian journalist and presenter Ray Martin, returns to present a second major public affairs special for the network.

PRIME7 News presents an unflinching one hour special on domestic violence to bring light to the most common violent crime taking place across regional Australia.

DARK SECRETS: AUSTRALIA’S HIDDEN SHAME brings attention to the courageous and often confronting experiences of those facing domestic violence, and the inspirational campaigners, community leaders, police officers and victims who are not going to sit back and let these crimes continue.

If you or someone you know is affected by domestic violence, call please 1800RESPECT on 1800 737 732 or visit www.1800RESPECT.org.au

Most of the program falls into the long-discredited 'gendered violence' narrative, using "women" instead of "victims" and "men" instead of "perpetrators". It also gets its facts completely wrong about the gendered breakdown of family violence in Australia (claiming 90% of victims are female, when all the data show a third of victims are male).

However, it does include a small segment on male victims of domestic violence, interviewing two male victims and discussing some of the issues faced by male victims. This is quite groundbreaking - just a few years ago there is no way a program like this would have even acknowledged that male victims exist.

You can view the whole program at https://au.prime7.yahoo.com/a1/news/dark-secrets, or just the excerpt on male victims at https://youtu.be/--IoDHtUitQ.

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Ray Martin was a child victim of an alcoholic father and so his attitude towards DV is strongly influenced by his personal experiences. The resentment he carries with him blinds him to the reality of DV. Like too many policy makers he sees DV in a 1-dimensional way. He cannot think more objectively about the causes and dynamics of DV. To him, there is only one image, one memory that blots out any objective thinking ie of a drunken violent father hitting a defenseless woman. He does not allow himself to explore the problem of DV and to understand that DV is largely emotional abuse, control and manipulation of a partner and that both men and women are just as guilty of perpetrating DV. The cruelty and humiliation is usually a long wearing down process where the victim's whole emotional being is broken down by the perpetrator. Sometimes this results in a desperate violent reaction. DV is a scourge and dehumanizing. Where the media and authorities get it wrong is to think it is all about physical strength. Also where they get it wrong is that women cannot be aggressive or violent. In a culture where men retaliating against a women;s violence is taboo, men are of the victims of physical violence as well. The problem for those fighting for the rights of weaker vulnerable men is how to get the media and politicians to see vulnerable men also as human beings needing protection, support and help. The narrative has to change.

June 7, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterFactsseeker

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