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Radio interview with Bettina Arndt and male victim of domestic violence on ABC Central Coast

This is a great interview with Bettina Arndt and a male domestic violence victim with ABC’s Scott Levi, from the Central Coast, NSW.


You can leave comments on the ABC Central Coast Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/abccentralcoast/posts/1501845733164264.

The gentleman is very articulate and his story is really interesting because his ex-wife was violent but he is now in a relationship with a woman who also escaped a violent partnership. He’s very intelligent and has some real insights into the whole issue.

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Reader Comments (1)

Hi listen to your story and agreed

men are not belived in court at all my sututaion no violance from me but the ex partner

made statements against her for assult she was questioned and nothing

then she takes a dvo against me and removes me from one property so i go to our other property
then has a ouster order against me too remove me from that one

so i live in my car for 5 months

my former partner has mental health issues and loads of money to fight in court rooms and she has taken our companies and homes and i have nothing

its unfair she used the DVO court system in quensalnd to her advantage in family law

in july she had 3 people come to were i live and put me in hospital with abase ball bat

now i have lost vision in one eye
have a abi brain injury
and cant work

and can not get center link payments cause i have too many assetts

i applied in june to a lady judge for a protection order to stop the thrests and harrasment from her the stalking and the judge refused my application and that gave her more power to attack me and put me in hospital

and police know it was her but have did nothing

there is so much failure in the court system against men my former partner lies and just has all the power and money and resources to attack me

and still does by phone and texts and stalking and the police do nothing

i wish ther was a tv station that would let me descibe the way i have been treated by the queensland police and the court system they failed to protect me and my family and belive that a woman who has a DVO against me every time .

she has broke in too wear im staying
stole phones
car keys
the list goes on

but the police do nothing

there words
your a man you saught it out

its wrong and un fair



November 25, 2016 | Unregistered Commenterpaul

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