Male Domestic Violence Awareness Week (UK)
Monday, March 8, 2010
One in Three Campaign

National Centre for Domestic Violence - Male Domestic Violence Awareness Week

The first week in March was the Male Domestic Violence Awareness week which brought focus on all the men in the UK who are abused and not helped. The Centre tried to reach out to as many individuals as possible through radio, TV and magazines focusing on all the neglected men in the UK. 1 man dies every 3 weeks caused by Domestic Violence and due to factors such as shame and embarrassment most men will not seek help to get out of the abusive relationship.

During the week Dr. Steve Connor held several radio interviews which will be online soon.

Below are a few statistics about male victims of Domestic Violence. They are surprising and shocking and as one of the only national charities who helps both men and women we find that it is very important to encourage everyone who is in an abusive relationship to seek help now and get the security and freedom that you deserve.

Male Domestic Violence statistics:

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