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A male victim of domestic violence explains why he was living in fear of his wife (UK)

It’s usually a crime committed by men against women. But as many as one in six men are victims of domestic violence. Kieron Bell, whose wife was jailed last week for attacking him, explains why he didn’t come forward until it was almost too late.

Burly bouncer Kieron Bell had no problem at all removing troublesome drunks from the nightclub where he worked.

But he found himself powerless to stand up to the domestic violence meted out by his petite wife and it almost cost him his life.

Many would find the situation hard to believe. And it was that fear which delayed Kieron reporting the domestic violence he was suffering at the hands of his seemingly loving wife.

She had attacked him regularly since they married in June 2006 but it wasnt until Sarah stabbed him in the chest with a steak knife that Kieron had the courage to stand up to his 24-year-old partner.

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