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John's personal story

My partner of over 3 years constantly screams at me and punches me when she doesn't get what she wants. Threats from her are constant. Drink driving stalking me. Phone calls and texts at all hours making threats and pics of self-harming. Harassing myself, my parents and mutual friends. She even made a complaint that I raped her. What makes this worse is that she was a police officer of 11 years before finally being released due to PTSD. I applied 3 times for an AVO and was overturned each time by the magistrate. Fortunately for myself she lives in the area command that she worked in and all the staff knew her well. Still, I was put though the embarrassment of an investigation and off the record several officers she worked with knew that it was a bogus complaint by her.

She would not allow me to do anything by myself. I had to account for every second of the day. Constant accusations made that I was unfaithful with “her” friends. I am also a survivor of multiple assaults including sexual by both males and females. I myself have PTSD from a workplace incident which has been so far 4 years in the court system. I also have bipolar disorder which has made my life an utter nightmare. Unfortunately when a complaint is made against a male it is typical to be dragged off in handcuffs. I was lucky that her previous work colleagues knew her well and I have no police history at all. Where is my protection in all of this????


Steven's personal story

I was a victim of domestic violence for years at the hands of my former partner who suffered from mental illness. I was verbally denigrated on a daily basis, hit with objects, had my tooth knocked out, and then had the threat of having our children withheld from me if I ever left. I spoke to her family about it and was told to simply “man up”.

Now almost 6 years after leaving, we have joint equal custody of our children, however she assaulted me about 6 months ago in front of our 5 year old son. I decided that enough was enough and made a police report and she was arrested and charged with assault and had an intervention order placed against her. The courts however chose not to prosecute, her lawyer citing that I had beat up my claims and that she couldn't have done any real harm to me. The intervention order stood however.


Antonio's personal story

I've been the victim of a psycho girlfriend, who constantly beat me up, for years. I've been strangled till almost not breathing any more, I had my nose broken by punches, I had her nails sunk in my skin just a few millimetres below my eye, I've been hit with high heels, with full cans of beer, I've been kicked out of the house at night, I had a black eye or a swollen lip so many times that I can't even remember the exact number. She even forbid me from speaking with my mum on the phone. In addition to this I had to bear all the jokes from my work colleagues who found out my girlfriend used to beat me up. The only time the police visited our home, it was when she called them. Despite the fact that I was clearly the one who got beaten up and she had no marks on her, the cops ordered me to leave the house for the night or else I would have been arrested.

Derek's personal story

I am a 6 foot 2, 190-pound, 33 year old male and I was assaulted many times over a two year period. The first 1 1/2 years were fine, no abuse, then one morning in January 2015 she attacked me for the first time. She kicked my back while I was lying down and metal pot to my head twice, denting the pot. Over time I was subjected to countless punches, kicks, household objects, even a shard of glass, and called the most hateful and hurtful names she knew to call me. Twice I finally called the cops, went to jail both times. The 2nd time I had bruises, scratches, a torn ear with 5 stitches and glue, and a major big bruise on my back and I reported the crime at hospital. The fucking cops put me in a freezing cold air conditioned concrete cell with a freezing surface concrete bed and I shivered badly all damn night and got nothing for warmth. Did I learn my lesson? No, I still loved her and wanted to be there for my little girl whom I love so dearly. The last time she upgraded her choice of weapon - she tried to stab me. I reacted to defend myself to prevent her stabbing me in the eye, in which case I wouldn't be here. So I hit her back and she called the police for the first time ever and fabricated a huge lie about what happened. I'm in a lot of trouble. Thankfully I do have a lot of proof of her abuse just in case - pics of injuries and video of her going berserk as I fought to keep the door closed. Document everything men, write it down, camera at the ready or install a hidden one for your safety. I wish I knew that beforehand. Unless you have got video proof, your ass is going to gaol plain and simple because the cops are blind to this matter. Thank you for reading.

Kel's personal story

My story is sad and still ongoing. I met my wife 8 years ago, after meeting her family in the first week I should have realised something was wrong, but I stuck it out and the last 8 years have been permanently scarring. I'm a 6 foot 4 male and my 5 foot partner was a lot stronger than me even to the point that her favourite party trick was to carry me out of the pub. Over the years I saw and received all kinds of abuse, from her father physically assaulting her, to verbal abuse. In 8 years I have been assaulted, falsely imprisoned, put down and abused, and even got shot at.

My wife is a sweet girl but she was brought up in the underworld and her family are sick and twisted and sadly it rubbed off on her. In 2016 we were married, out of 60 people 4 were my own.... just 4 as I wasn't allowed to invite my kin. A few months later my wife fell pregnant and I thought things would change but they didn't. I told her I wanted to separate as I couldn't handle things anymore and I was scared for my daughter.

The end result was after 8 years of abuse my loving wife took it upon herself to go to the police and make a false statement of how abusive I was... I was arrested and as she made the first move and I'm male, they treated me very badly and I was instantly branded a woman-beater. Now I have an intervention order, charges, and I've lost my daughter. The stigma of men being the “culprits” is crap. I have physical and mental scars and still people assume it's always the man that's the aggressor. I'm too embarrassed and ashamed to tell the police and they don't believe me anyway. The idea of women only being able to be victims frustrates me.