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Andrew's personal story

We met in Newcastle through a mutual friend in June 2001, who came up from Victoria to stay at my place. We got on fine, partying a lot, having fun as new partners do, and seeing each other on the weekends we were able (her to Newcastle, or me to Melbourne). To me it was a fling, and I thought to her the same.

Out of the blue a few months later Caroline rang me from her mobile phone when she was in Gundagai with “I’ve quit work and am on my way up to live with you !!” To say I was in shock is an understatement, but I felt entrapped seeing that she had quit her job and was already halfway to Newcastle. I was obviously a “soft touch”. I was out surfing when she arrived with her old Hyundai hatchback and a few personal possessions. We got on ok but I was never very happy, and certainly never in love, but felt I had to be committed to what was. She made out that she was indispensable and insisted on going everywhere with me, even on work trips, and I look back now and see that it was slowly eroding my confidence and certainly my credibility at work (I was a senior manager with a large company on well over $100,000 p.a.).

Caroline was always an extremely jealous and needy person. Even if I looked at another woman, and I recall just a couple of examples:- after a company Melbourne Cup Day function at Newcastle Racecourse we moved on to the Beaches Hotel where a girl starts dancing with me (the place was packed and everyone was dancing with each other), Caroline comes over immediately and pushes the girl over and wants to start fighting her. The bouncers then evict Caroline from the hotel. Another time an ex BHP colleague and good friend Amber rings me one night, we start chatting, Caroline rips the mobile phone from me and starts screaming abuse and obscenities at Amber. These are just a few examples of many.

She made sure the important relationships in my life were extinguished. e.g. She didn’t get on with my best mate Greg’s wife Lisa and made sure to make it very obvious until Greg and I eventually lost contact. My own mother is another one she didn’t like, and I virtually had to end the relationship with her due to Caroline. She didn’t like this person, or that person, and I soon lost touch with people I had been close to.

I felt entrapped and isolated with this person, and it was around this time that I believe my spiral of depression began (I had never previously had any instances of depression) and it was then that she manipulated me into having a baby – hence our daughter was born in April 2004. She then used the birth to keep badgering me relentlessly to get married until I relented.

She clung like a leech, eroding my confidence and self esteem AND MONEY – an example: I remember she wasn’t working (she rarely worked, being far too precious for that) at all but was sending our poor little 12 month old baby to childcare at $68 a day for 2-3 days a week while she went out shopping and having coffees with friends) and by then my confidence was shattered and I was truly in a rut and feeling powerless to get out of it – SHE WAS ALWAYS THERE AND ALWAYS MANIPULATING!

When in 2006 some political stuff hit the fan at work that I would have just normally managed as part of the job, Caroline insisted I was depressed because of work, and made an appointment for me to see a doctor which she also insisted on attending. Unnecessary anti-depressants, psychologists, and continued badgering by her led to an unhappy and stressful parting of the ways with a company I had been a good and loyal servant to for 19 years.

We moved to the mid north coast, she convinced me her hobby business making baby clothes, which up until then had never made money, was the way to go and that I should join the business and put money into it. I knew it was bad business but I was in such a haze of depression with this overbearing woman that I finished up putting everything into it, including my $315,000 superannuation payout. By 2012 the business was bust. Manufacturing problems and her poor designs never got the business off the ground.

Amid all of this depression and failure, she convinced me to have another baby, so I agreed thinking it might improve our pointless relationship. She had a miscarriage, but continued to try and eventually our son was born in 2009.

It was around this time that she began assaulting me, while continually screaming in a narcissistic rage, “YOU DON’T LOVE ME !” “YOU DON’T LOVE ME !”. The assaults consisted of a vicious and violent fully swung open hand to my head, usually occurring when she was drunk, but sometimes sober. This happened on about 10 – 12 occasions within the 12 month period before she left with the children.

Caroline left in 2012 after she had made sure she had spent all of my money, and I was still glad to see her go but she of course took our two children and made sure I had no access to them (isn’t it the way that you stay with a women you don’t like and who assaults you, because you know that if you leave that you have little chance of having a relationship with, or even seeing, your children).

She made an appointment for me that week to see her doctor, which she insisted on attending with me – back on anti-depressants, psychiatrist, etc., even though there was nothing really wrong with me – just been in a miserable relationship for 11 years! She then used my “depressed state” as a means of keeping the children from me, and as a means for her to get what assets I had left. Two and a half years of Family Law Court and enormous legal bills later I have shared custody of our children. In the meantime during that 2 1/2 years Caroline had done things that, if I had done the same, I would have gone to jail for, and would still be in there – kidnapping our children / denigrating me to our children with an ongoing history of lying, deceit, and manipulation / stealing my car / break and enter into my house to steal my private and legal documents, the children’s toys, and anything else of value she hadn’t already taken / a history of stalking and hunting down myself and the children when we didn’t follow her commandments of the time we could spend together. All of her above offences were documented and proven, in addition to the 12 months of physical abuse I received from her.

Anyway after Final Court Orders where the judge grants me every request in my proposal regarding the children, I believe I can finally start my life again. I don’t count on the neglect of our children’s welfare due to Caroline’s continued self- absorption, or the children coming to me to do something on their behalf regarding concerns they have because they are too scared to go to their mother.

I email Caroline regarding these concerns but receive no response. This neglect of the children continues over time so I email her more forcefully, happy to tell her as it is after she imposed herself on my life uninvited all those years ago and then proceeded to ruin my life, career, and success with her debilitating negativity, banality, jealousy, neediness, and narcissism.

Sure enough in March 2015 the Police phone me with paperwork for me to pick up for an Application for Apprehended Domestic Violence Order instigated by Caroline. The AVO is in regards to my emails sent to her regarding my concerns (and the children’s) about Caroline’s neglect and also concerns about her new moronic boyfriend and his interaction with our children. What a joke – here she is, with a documented history of violence against me, a documented history of kidnapping our children, a history of lying, deceit, and manipulation, a documented history of stealing my car and break and enter into my house to steal my private and legal documents, the children’s toys, and anything else of value she hadn’t already taken, a history of stalking myself and the children when we didn’t follow her commandments of the time we could spend together – and here I am the defendant to her AVO Application for sending her a few frustrated emails trying to look after the best interests of our children.

Of course I defend against the AVO being placed on me, submit all the evidence of the above criminal actions committed by Caroline (she is referred to by the Court as the PINOP, Person In Need Of Protection, and while waiting for the case to begin she is located in the Victim’s Room – the poor thing) but when I get to Court the magistrate and the Police Prosecutor haven’t even bothered to look at my statement or evidence and after a day in court I have an interim AVO placed on me!

Meanwhile mine and the children’s concerns regarding Caroline’s neglect, and her new boyfriend, remain real concerns that can’t be addressed. And now Caroline goes around a small town using the AVO she obtained from a flawed and biased legal system to back up her vile and malicious lies about me, to the detriment of her children and her children’s friends, as someone not to have the care of their child. (i.e. some of the parents now don’t let their children have playovers or sleepovers when our children are in my care).

I lost everything I worked for during 25 years of university and then a well paid career, and I am a shadow of my former self, but I am proud that I fought so hard for the shared custody of my beloved children – that she can never take away. My only advice is to document everything and never give up. Thanks for letting me tell my story.


Peter's personal story

A day doesn't go by that I am not verbally abused. I am either lazy and thoughtless or overthink things and don't know how to relax. Once it week it gets really bad. She screams, throws things and breaks them; has hit me on the odd occasion. I have a great job, do all the housework and never deprive her of anything. She has major issues with her parents. Every time she talks to her mother she gets so worked up I wear it.

Sex is off the table. I'm either a rapist for trying to initiate anything, or don't love her if I don't try. I'm at the point where I feel suicide or winning Lotto are my only options.


Jared's personal story

I am a young father of 24 years age. I have been a father for 5 years now to my beautiful daughter 5 yrs and my son 3 yrs. After the relationship with my ex de-facto partner deteriorated, I decided to move home with my mother, rather than continue to have the children subjected to our bad moods after arguing more and more continually.

Whilst living with my mother, I had maintained nearly 50/50 shared care of both children. These arrangements had been in place for just under 6 months until an incident occurred, which due to concerns for the safety of my children (after receiving a suicidal phone call from their mother, succeeding a tirade of verbal abuse and threats) I made the decision to retain custody of them while I urged their mother to seek serious mental help. For the three days that continued after the suicidal phone call, I had allowed her to have access to see them under supervision at the house I am living at with my mother. On the third day, my son was subjected to a massive amount of trauma as his mother and grandmother came again to see him at my property, and forcibly removed him from my care, by physically abducting him and running out the front door of the house to an awaiting getaway car. I watched my son, unrestrained and screaming, be driven off the scene at high speed.

The police were called and attended the property, who, after seeing visible signs of the assault that I had sustained by the children's grandmother (trying to restrain me from pursuing my son during the abduction), refused to do anything to the culprit. After the incident, I contacted Child Protective Services, and a family court lawyer. I have since collated an affidavit and contacted the relevant agencies with my concerns regarding the children's welfare and have sought mediation services to be able to have access to see my children again. I have contacted and attended the police station multiple times regarding welfare checks on the children also to no avail. I again had attended the police station to attempt to press charges for the assault that I sustained to which I was told there was nothing that they could do. I was contacted weeks after this incident by my lawyer, only to find out that we were unable to attend a family court hearing until nearly 3 months since I have last seen my children.

As time has progressed I have been continually harassed by the children's mother and grandmother, with false accusations of burglary, stalking and intimidation (which I have had to attend Magistrates Court to give a defence for. The Magistrate was convinced that the story was fabricated to try and sway the family courts and subsequently struck the requested intervention order off the record, resulting in a huge waste of police and court resources and time). I have been subjected to emotional abuse, death threats, physical assault, economic abuse, damaged property and continual harassment all of which constitute a severe case of domestic and family violence that no one seems to want to do anything about. All of this has been documented and evidenced with photographs, text messages, eyewitness accounts, etc.

Throughout this whole process I have done nothing but follow my lawyers' advice.

I have contacted multiple agencies for the children's sake (CPS, DHS) and they don't care to hear it. I have had to seek personal counselling and financial help for myself to cover the upwards of already $10,000 debt she has left me with, not to mention the legal fees.

It seems like there is nothing anybody will do, and it is hard to think anybody even cares to listen. I do not want to play the victim in this, because the real victims in this are the children, and no one is willing to come to their defence. They are being deprived of having a father, and all the extended family that comes with that (uncles and aunties, cousins, nan, etc). I have been met with no help or compassion for the situation by anybody in the system. Something needs to change!

All I want for Christmas is to see my children.

Something needs to happen. It seems that all the rhetoric is swayed in one direction to portray women as the only victims to this kind of abuse. How can somebody abuse the legal system for their own gain and get away with it? False accusations need to be addressed. Parental Alienation needs to be addressed. Male victims need to be taken seriously.

This has been a disgusting eye opener, and what makes it worse is that it seems to be brushed under the table like it isn't worthwhile.


Tim's personal story

I met my partner 20 years ago. And over the course of those years, I've watched her take every bit of self esteem I ever had. The constant verbal, emotional and financial abuse was 24/7. Complaining about how I'm dressed, drive, interact with people, every aspect of our relationship was controlled by my partner, to manipulate and destroy my confidence.

We had recently moved interstate, for a new life, with me moving first, and four days later my partner met up with me. Those four days without her, had changed me from a empty shell, to someone who was happy with confidence. When my partner met up with me she made the statement I had changed to someone she didn't like. The only thing I noticed about myself is that I was happy. So my partner turned up the negativity, the “put me downs” and returned me back into that empty shell. That's when I realised I was a victim of domestic violence.

Now I'm waiting for her to visit her relatives interstate next month before I make a dash for freedom. In the meantime it's holding a poker face so she doesn't sense something is up. Because I'm now scared that she will drive me to self harm. The one thing I've learnt about been a victim is that domestic violence creeps up on you, without you being aware. The control of your earnings where your partner is buying you a tin of fish for your sandwich for work only to find out the tin of fish was two years past the expiry date. It was bought for you because it was cheapest. Where your combined earnings was over $75,000, but you haven't got a cent in the bank. Or your self confidence has been stripped away from you that operating a BBQ is near impossible. Or you're working three jobs to pay off a $20,000 credit card debt, that you have no idea how the debt got so high, only to be told by your partner that you're lazy, and you should work harder.

To have no enjoyment of money is even harder, to having every cent scrutinised and not allowed to have, but yet you still go to work with no enjoyment from the fruits of your labour. And the worst is every friend you have is pushed away from you. The hobbies taken away from you because you're not making your partner the centre of the world. To live in fear, because you don't know what mood your partner is going to be in when she gets home from work. Or when your mum passes away, being asked if any money has been left to you, within days of her death.

Yes, men being victims of domestic violence is very real, and I pray society starts to address this. Meanwhile I hope I can make my escape soon. To leave her now would be too dangerous, because of my vulnerability.


John's personal story

Nothing I ever did was good enough. She always told me I was pathetic, fat and lazy. She told me that I needed to find a better job if she was going to stick around. One day I asked her to please stop and she went into a rage and tried to hit me, just as her brother walked in. I grabbed her arms to protect myself and when she spotted her brother she started sobbing “stop hitting me”. Her brother knew the truth and offered some support, but she told our friends I was abusive and most of them wouldn't speak to me.

This sort of thing went on almost daily for 5 years but then things seemed to improve over a period of a few months. I thought “at last she knows how much I love her”. Then she walked in one day and said she was leaving me and had been having an affair with one of her brother's friends. She also took several thousand dollars – emptied out joint account – and said “this is my compensation for putting up with you”. I would see her from time to time in the small town we lived in and all she would do was to stop, point and laugh out loud, screwing with my mind long after she left me.