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Allan's personal story

I have also been the victim of family violence, by my second wife who I met in 2005. I owned my own house at the time and had been separated and divorced from my first wife for many years. My children from my first marriage 15 year-old girl and 14 year-old boy were a large part of my life and spent a lot of time with me. I decided I wanted to find a partner so I put an add in one of the online dating sites and that's how I met my second wife.

She was very down to earth and we hit it off from day one, during the first few months of my new relationship, my first wife asked me to take the children permanently as she had become quite ill and was having difficulty with the children. I discussed this with my new partner and she suggested we all move in to her rented rural property.

My new partner had a habit of smoking dope on occasion and had a healthy appetite for alcohol also, in particular cheap champagne. It did not represent a problem at this time or so I thought.

We moved in and all was well for a while. My new partner was good with my children but not so successful with her only child a son who was about 12 at that time he had started experimenting with dope and alcohol and was failing at school. He was suspended many times and eventually was asked to leave and went to live with his father.

My partner became pregnant a short time after and although I was in my late 40s and she was early 40s this was our future. We married while she was in early pregnancy. Things took a down turn during pregnancy and never recovered. We had a beautiful daughter who is now 8-years-old.

After the child was born my wife suffered great personal anguish I believe she did suffered from post-natal depression although to my knowledge she never was treated for it.

She began smoking dope daily and drinking to get drunk daily. We argued constantly most times ending with her telling me to get out of HER house. I could not do this to my new baby so I stuck in there.

The arguments continued and she took to abusing my older children as well as me. My older daughter moved out not long after she finished schooling. My son went to university and also moved out a year or so later. That left me with my wife and baby girl.

My wife had the sex drive of a porno queen and clearly I could not keep up. She constantly abused me for not wanting to have sex with her, called me a eunuch and talked about her past lovers being better then me.

I was depressed by this and saw my doctor asking for Viagra so I could be a stud. He was concerned that I was being downtrodden and asked my how I felt about this. He also gave me Viagra. For those that have never tried it let me tell you I works a treat but after a while I got sick of it and stopped taking it. My wife then asked me how I felt if she were to take on a lesbian lover.

We continued to fight regularly with her busting a metal rake across my head one night then calling the police! I was bleeding when the cops showed up. The police didn't know what to do so they asked if there was somewhere else I could go for the night, I ended up staying on the property in another building. Can you imagine if this had been the other way round. I would have been arrested and charged.

My wife started smoking synthetic cannabis and that was the straw that broke the camels back. She was out of control and seeing councillors and doctors to combat depression, anxiety and god knows what else.

She became delusional more aggressive and psychotic. She threatened my oldest daughter will a baseball bat on one occasion. My daughter called the police.. I made no statement as I didn't want anyone to be involved with police. No action was taken on this occasion with the police saying as they left that if they had to return someone would be arrested they looked in my wife's direction.

The same continued on until one night after she smoked some dope and got drunk and abused me, I told my wife I was leaving her and taking my then 6 year old daughter with me.

She attacked me, punched me in the family jewels hung on a squeezed them like she was possessed we fell to the floor she banged her head in the process. She then left leaving my daughter and myself in the house and called police from somewhere up the road. Keep in mind she was drunk and on drugs and the police noted she was effected by alcohol.

She told the 000 line that her husband had beat her repeatedly and that there were firearms in the house. Police came I was arrested my wife led the police to a locked shed on the property where she knew I had firearms locked in cabinets and gave the keys to police. I was charged with assault and unlicensed firearms and put in jail. An AVO was placed on me by police.

I spent 6 months in jail while appearing in different courts to have these matters heard. I was refused bail. The firearms were not registered and I was unlicensed they were locked inside metal lockers in a locked building on the property nowhere near the house. There were no firearms in the house. I used to be a licensed shooter but had let my license lapse many years ago. My wife knew I had these firearms and I had told her not long before this incident that I wanted to renew my license or get rid of them.

Eventually I had my day in court after 6 months imprisonment the charges were broken up into 2 separate hearings the first one was for firearms. I was given a 2 year prison sentence for the firearms to be paroled after 6 months which I had served. I was released from custody. The judges comments were that he found I was a person of good character and had the firearms been found in any other manner it is unlikely I would have received a jail sentence.

The assault charge was heard a month later it was dismissed and thrown out of court so was the AVO the judge commented that my wife's version of events were not believable.

In the time I was in prison my wife attempted (unsuccessfully) to take out AVOS on my oldest daughter and also a personal friend of mine. She also harassed my friends and made up stories about me beating her up, she went as low as to put makeup on her face take selfie photos and post it on Facebook looking like she had done 5 rounds with Muhammad Ali. She carries these images around with her on her mobile phone and shows them to anyone she feels she needs to manipulate, she did it to the police after her case was very quickly proven to be fabrication and thrown out of court she also showed them to a public solicitor who represented her at the family court on one occasion.

I have now way to stop any of this. This is not fair. And it is family violence. No one cares.

While in prison my wife's estranged son broke into my sheds and stole, burnt and destroyed much of my property to the value of over $25k. I had police out to inspect this they will take no action as he says he didn't do it and there is no CCTV evidence. The fact that the police know he had removed my property and occupied my shed with many of his belongings and he had graffitied all over the inside and outside of the sheds using his own name has no consequence.

This is still going on I am now involved with the family court as my wife started proceedings as soon as I was put in jail. She also went for an overseas holiday 1 week after the alleged assault.

She continues to harass me by making false statements to the court, failing to supply information to me as directed by the court and sending me lengthy text and emails which make no sense at all since she claims I am tormenting her!

She recently threatened me in a text and on advice from the domestic violence hotline I took it to police who refused to act on it saying I was not in any physical danger so an AVO was not appropriate.

So there you have it. One rule for boys and one rule for girls and no such thing as equality. Women who know how to play the system have no problem destroying males and it's all geared in there favour.

My cost so far besides my reputation, freedom, business, health and wellbeing is a financial loss of over $250k. I'm still trying to get on with my life and be supportive of my child. It's not over yet and I would like to see some sort of protection made available to men who get set up and crushed by this system that is clearly faulted.

This is a horror story but all true and I bet I'm not the only man who has been treated like this.


Alex's personal story

In its own way my arrival at this site talks to a need, for an outlet, for a means of expressing what has been a long journey. However I'm not entirely sure, other than the sense of release, what can be the benefit of such recounting but clearly I'm in company.

This recounting is of my parents and their life and by proxy the impact on their children, of whom I am the eldest of four.

Dad was and is a tall man, average figure but kept himself trim and slim all his life, which is now into its ninth decade. Mum is a small woman, barely cracking five feet at her best and with the ageing process is shrinking under that mark. I mention this only to give a sense of the physical context.

Dad was a tradesman, worked with his hands on aircraft and did well within the context of an artisan of old. Never educated at a tertiary level due to a complexity of his own family situation but a steady good worker. Mum had the intellect in the family. Topped an 'A' level exam in the UK at I think a national context, but irrespective she had her share of brains. They were married and had a family at a time when the social construct had that the man earned the money and the woman stayed home and had children.

Mum did not handle this well. It was clear to me that Mum resented this social construct, the assignment of gender roles. In that she was and is clearly not alone and many in society, including myself, note and applaud the movement made over time in this social more and at a personal level I would and did encourage her to find an outlet for her abilities. To no avail.

However it is in the manner of her reaction to this construct that I articulate here. Mum railed against the social construct in a manner that entirely focused on Dad. He was and remains the focus of Mum's frustration, resentment and ultimately a sense of failure that she was not able to achieve what she felt that she could.

In no individual way did Dad perpetuate nor act out this social construct, Mum was free and did occasionally find herself low level employment in the workforce. In itself a mainstream story of unfulfilled ability but in the context of family abuse it played out as an archetypal example of violence against men; my dad.

Over the complete span of their marriage, greater than sixty years, Mum used Dad as her punching bag. Given the constraints of their respective physiologies the physical side of the abuse was unable to manifest in actual bodily harm, notwithstanding some attempts to do so.

What was constant, relentless and gradually worsening was the emotional, verbal and intellectual abuse visited upon Dad's acquising form. His response was almost universally tolerant, notwithstanding a very occasional attempt at resistance, and perhaps it was no more or less a manifestation of his intrinsically gentle nature. I recall clearly a father/teenage son lesson time where the message was 'never use your physical strength against women'. A good and valuable lesson in life, but I noted later when I brought my own intelligence to bear that there was never any recognition nor articulation of the verbal and emotional abuse that was occurring.

A wiser person in Mum would have seen her own behaviour for what it was and sought solutions elsewhere or at a minimum understood the unfairness of her actions and used her husband as a partner in finding a way forward.

Mum and Dad are now in their eighties. Their life's journey has run and their legacy is a close and growing family of three generations. I note even now Dad's respect and gentleness as Mum suffers through some age related health issues, a respect untainted by decades of abuse, and still manifestly not reciprocated.

I sigh and yet stand in awe as I see my Dad offer the whole of himself in supporting his life's partner, putting to one side his lifetime without bitterness nor rancor: I couldn't do it and I'm not sure if that makes me a better or wiser person than my Dad.

This recounting is not an attempt in any sense to ameliorate the horror and pain of physical abuse by any party on their partner. It is in my own way an attempt to represent a balance to the debate on how to frame the social and legislative protections for the abuse that hides behind the doors of family.


Anonymous personal story

I was the victim of domestic violence in a relationship with my ex for 2.5 years. She would get drunk and become physically and verbally abusive. She would punch, kick and scream at me, and then throw me out of the house. It got to the point where I wouldn't have much of my stuff in the house so it would be easier to leave, she would throw all my stuff out of the house or trash it. I was always worried that the neighbours would call the police because I knew that they would immediately assume I was the abuser.

After I finally left her, I had anxiety and anger issues for quite some time. PTSD I suppose. I was always expecting someone to attack and I was always on the defensive. As I slowly opened up about it to friends I was shocked at how many of them had been through similar experiences, one was even stabbed by his ex-wife!

I wish that domestic violence would stop being thought of as a Man against a Women issue. It is an issue of violence against another human being, and it happens all too often. The difference is that men just have to get on with life or spiral down a path of self-harm and despair. There is no real support, no morning teas to raise money, no empathy or compassion and the politicians are too busy trying tick PC boxes and get female voters on side to actually take a balanced view.

I made the mistake of tolerating it the first time and then it became a pattern that didn't stop until it almost broke me. Guys, at the first sign of trouble, be it physical or verbal, get the hell out of there! No one who loves you will EVER treat you in that way and there are no excuses for this kind of crap.


Edward's personal story

Have only found this site tonight. Read many of the stories and I recognise that I too DV at the hands of my wife for over 25 years. She grew up in an abused home and has continued this learned behaviour. Am object of her ridicule, verbal abuse, occasional violence and financial threats. Do most of chores inside & out and still it's not enough. Am isolated from workmates and have no immediate family near. Mobile phone and Facebook monitored at times. Had to memorise emails & phone numbers of secret friends/ colleagues to prevent threats & further abuse. Don't really see any way out and live in regional area with no support.


Ray's personal story

Well I have been in an abusive relationship for 15 years. These are the things that have happened:

On many occasions things that I would tell in confidence would be used against me in an argument or aired publicly at an event. Constant referral to questioning my manhood regarding sticking up for her in embarrassing situations - wanting me to hit the other guy. So many physical attacks where she would lose control, throw things at me or kick and punch. At least 3 - 4 times a year. I am a martial artist of many years so I know how to block or take a punch - I never once hit her back but deep down these things have affected me. I feel she wants me to hit her so she can have an excuse to hate me. I will never hit a woman.

I wish I could leave but she threatens to take my boy away from me and my home which I fully owned before she moved in. She has only worked part time and has never contributed financially to anything. She does not do any housework and knows she has me over a barrel.

How on earth can our society ignore what's going on behind closed doors? It's double standards. If I did one fraction to her what she has done to me I would be locked in a jail cell. Judges, media and the general public think that a man should be able to take it. I also feel that some women believe they can treat men any way they see fit with no repercussions. Well I have and personally I feel it's unjust. I think violence towards men is a bigger issue than most people think. It's responsible for countless suicides and depressions because it's shamed. I know there are some terrific girls out there who are not so violent. I actually think the rate would be equal - its just the violence is expressed in a different way...