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Clayton's personal story

I was in an 18 year abusive relationship with a covert Narcissist that the system has turned into a full blown psychopath, it is exactly like a drug addiction the more supply you get the more you need. Her negative advocacy lawyer hand-selected the judge! They fully supported her abusive behaviour and they seemed to believe that this will benefit women, with a total disregard for the children who were not even not even given a voice - a basic human right that they are entitled to. I am all for equality, but stopping the generational cycle of violence should be the common goal. I don't believe you can create equality by blatant biased behaviour. This male female school yard type shit must stop. The best interest of the children, I think not.

Our 2 young children are the new victims of her abuse and I am powerless to help them. Abusers love high conflict divorces because they can just blame that for the children's behaviour and everything else, if they can pin it on their target. The golden child, this dynamic is changed up to emotionally manipulate our daughter into following her handlers orders. Our 7 year old daughter is encouraged to very subtly and covertly abuse our son who is 4. Our daughter has anxiety problems - she will have massive problems later in life - and our son has behavioural problems, which of course the abuser has neglected to address as she fears being exposed. The general public have finally taken the blinkers off and can see the real problem but the courts? Will they acknowledge their errors or will they delude themselves into thinking they made the right call and the system is perfect. We all make mistakes. What defines us is how we deal with them.

I choose to let her go, as fighting back made things worse as I was easily manipulated, and experiencing mind control after devastating gaslighting before the discard. I have saved all my ammunition, she has none left, as I was recovering from the abuse and trying to work out what happened. Now I understand better than most so-called experts. I feel I am myself again and in a position to expose her and I expect the court of law to treat her the exact same way I was treated, which will give me the power to fix the problem for good.

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