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Patrick's personal story

One person can brighten up somebody's world, even only for a couple of minutes. But that one person can also provide eternal darkness for the other.

For every time she hit me and I asked why, her answer would be because I was pissing her off. But that abuse is nothing compared to the sexual abuse she damaged me with.

Her act of selfishness showed me how heartless the world truly is. Her actions destroyed me as a person who was happy, smiling and enjoyed everything he could. She took that person and turned him into a shell.

Instead of seeing the good in people, I now only see the bad. Once upon a time, a person speeding was just an idiot. Now it's a person who doesn't care for others, who's willing to put others at risk and take their lives.

Being raped isn't just a violation of the body, but also of the mind. The mind becomes tainted and the heart becomes bitter.

This feeling is amplified by hearing the words ‘Men can't be raped because they always want sex anyways’ from multiple sexist women who make their own stereotypes against men.

Happiness is out of reach and anger just becomes a way of life.

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