Roberto's personal story
Friday, September 8, 2017
One in Three Campaign

I am a victim of domestic violence and I should share my story.

We are married for 5 years now and the violence started from the day one. At first I thought its common and we can work out the relationship to do better. Now, I regret the decision I made on the earlier stages where I should have left her before she got pregnant. Now I have my daughter where she is 3 years old and I am locked up to a situation where I cannot leave my wife since I don’t want a troubled childhood for my kid.

She abuses me with vulgar words, scratches all my body with her fingernails, drag me all around the house holding my hair.

The worst part is sometimes she feel sorry for what she has done and as a man I feel sorry for her and just say to myself lets carry on. It’s all because of my angel daughter I am still surviving each and every day with a nightmare.

I am collecting all the evidences I could land keeping it safe at the moment and I am expecting to survive the life for at least the next 3 years where my kid should be able to understand the problems I face and hoping she understand why I had to leave this relationship.

But these days I am getting nightmares and with not sleeping nights since I am getting scared of her arrogance.

I am head of a region working outside country and staying with my family. This gives me more difficulty since she always threatens me to report to police that I abuse her. She is dumb and don't know of the consequences of issues like this in foreign land where my whole career will be gone if I get booked for abuse on a foreign land.

I am dying everyday and all my worry is about my daughter and want her lead as a great women in the future. I don't know what to do and I want my daughter.

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