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Sunday, June 11, 2017
One in Three Campaign

finding this site has made believe in myself and my humanity. when i read the accounts as i do i actually feel inspired to think that there ARE great men. I can only feel that as a Man i'm inspired by your stories of endurance of the harrowing experience that I have also had to endure. Yet, as i write this, i feel that i am in danger, by the woman that i loved so dearly. and your accounts mirror and reflect my own.

where do i begin? probably just as a young man. a man in formation.. meeting a young woman at a bar. it was a moment, love at first sight is how i remember it. now having experienced this relationship of 7 years i feel i know that a woman can be evil. its such a difficult thing to say, i tried so hard, yet i failed .... i'm fully a man now, just broken and or damaged. I have an ex partner who is psychotic and violent. who has used violence, of emotional (verbal) and physical form.. in all forms and times.. it has tested me to my limit.. and my god.. i think she would attempt to take my life..

the domestics at 3 am? her knocking me unconscious? (and going in to attack me whilst? only to be stopped by a guest) stabbing all four tires of my car?.. i had women (friends of hers call me a loser and herself 50 + plus times) . having some of them accuse me of having a sexual relationship with the mentally handicapped girl that lived with us at the time? and the subsequent and most evil way she handled it*.

*i was continually abused about this. “are u Fucking ----- ?” at various times of the night, screaming . i sat at a table while she abused me verbally for 3-4 hours at night on a Friday. (her aunt , cousins daughter and her daughter in an adjacent room) she held a kettle and said.. i will pour this over your head and i don't give a shit if i go to jail or not.. it was at this point my bravery failed and i stood up..

i hope its over..this is part 1. the relationship.. probably the aftermath is to come

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