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Anonymous personal story

Well it wasn't until I suffered a near death motorbike accident that I started to understand. Not being able to move due to severe pain gives you time to think. Later and with many therapy sessions under my belt did I get it. My ex-wife is a narcissist. I had all the tricks played on me and from this I developed PTSD. But it does not stop there.

The 3 years of family court fighting just to see my son did not help and enhanced the PTSD. Losing everything I worked hard for except my clothes, well that does have it's effects. Why can a woman lie in court, not obey court orders and nothing happens, but if a male does that he is in trouble? The constant persistent alienation of me to my son has now meant I have not seen him in over 4 years just for CSA money.

So my story is about the psychological and emotional violence as well as physical that women do to men and children in a marriage. And yes, I had to put up with the usual tantrums with breaking things - only mine - and throwing things and locking me out of the house and hitting me but I thought "man up - that is what men do - man up and just deal with it."

Wow, then family court... don't be a man in family court. You will lose everything and come out with PTSD. But then the constant pressure put on my son to not see me or have anything to do with me is disgusting, and guess what, all from a woman but "family violence is only due to men". Funny how it is recognised in the USA but not in Australia.

Why do police laugh at a man who is trying to protect himself and any children from a female? Why does the law not protect a man, a man trying to protect himself and his child? Why are the laws so one-sided? Why can a female cry and get help and support and have a male locked up in jail but when a male does it, nothing (well, he gets laughed at)? All of society is conditioned to the male being the perpetrator. My ex-wife gave my son's school some sob story and the school had a different opinion of me overnight. Just sit back and look at life: the message is sent constantly that men are the cause of family violence and unless a very strong message is put forth this will continue. Police, schools, judges, feminists all need to change their attitudes and that is not going to happen.

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