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Nan's personal story

My son has been a victim of domestic violence. I am so upset that everything is available to female victims but males are completely ignored. My son and 3 grandchildren came to live with me 18 months ago when all hell broke loose at their home. My son wore the marks of physical abuse but the police believed his de facto partner. My grandchildren were all witnesses to what happened and were traumatised terribly, but they believed the female and charged my son with assault.

The children want nothing to do with their mother but the ICL (independent children's lawyer) has made things so difficult for my son that I am completely appalled. I was a victim of domestic violence myself, and I cannot believe what is happening now. My sons ex partner is apparently entitled to free legal aid and a heap of other things. And yet my son, who has struggled alone through all this, is not entitled to anything. He is unemployed, and has had to pay his own legal fees to fight for his children.

Why is it ,that being a female in this situation, is so different than being a male? I realise that there are many women out there who genuinely need help, but please remember, there are also just as many males who are shot down in flames every day. Wake up Australia!!!

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