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I just read a study from the UK that said women are more likely to be violent than men. In almost every case the violence is started by the woman. However the man is always blamed. In cases where the man chooses not to defend himself he is still likely to be the one charged.

In my personal case every woman has been the same: constant abuse and intermittent violence then theft of all personal affects when you finally have to go.

My advice to all men is get out as quickly as possible. Remember anything you do not take on the day you go is lost.

Never call the police. I was referred to a female officer who told me 'you are not a real man if you cannnot defend yourself'. When I replied I was a black belt and former army officer who chose not to be violent, she still refused to charge the offender.

If you ever date a women again do not live with her. If you are eventually attacked, at least you can make her leave or go home to safety. Make sure you use contraception as women can abuse children to get at you after you are long gone.

It's a sad world we live in.

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