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I'm currently working in Mental Health and have a degree in Psychology. I too have been the victim of domestic violence. In short I have had contact with DV Connect (QLD) who asked me, "what did you do to deserve that" and "are you scary to look at". I've also been in court defending an AVO unfounded, though when my ex-partner admitted to punching me, breaking a plate over my head and throwing full cans of drink at my head the magistrate suggested, "ohh she wont do that again you have separated". We have a 10 month old son that I need to pick up 3 times a week.......total cost in court $5000. I've also had the QLD Police Service tell me to "grow some balls" when asking for help to collect my son. Family Relationship Centres also have not one brochure that is available for men suffering Domestic Violence.

Just as a side note I issued a DVO on my ex partner for various physical assaults etc and the constant emotional and psychological abuse. She is now suggesting that I can only access my son if I come to the door alone, even after her initial DVO stating that I was controlling, jealous abusive and she felt threatened by me. The outcome is that the temporary order I sought was rejected as the magistrate believes it was not necessary that we meet in a public place so as to facilitate handover. Hoping that someone will see some sense and the truth will come out. So at this stage I'm now left with the option of going to the front door alone and risking another barrage of abuse or as she has done previously issue another DVO on me, or not seeing my little boy.

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