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My previous relationship was extremely violent. She hit me with objects particularly whilst I was asleep. On too many a frequent occasion I woke up to be hit with objects ranging from brooms to pots and tools. On one particular occasion I woke up to the sound of a belt sander that was only inches from my face.

I was evidently unhappy and scared for my safety in this relationship with my ex-girlfriend. She picked up this notion and threatened to kill me and herself if I were to leave her. One evening whilst driving home from a friends place she grabbed the steering wheel and directed the car into oncoming traffic. It was at this point I began taking the steps to leave.

I was staying at a friends place. After I had left her when the worst incident occurred. I woke to her in the house and myself on fire. She had poured kerosene on me and lit me alight. I suffered third degree burns to my face and chest, second degree burns to my genitals and hands. It has required many surgeries to regain mobility and function as well as looking remotely human again. I obviously pressed charges.

During this time I was myself charged with Assault and Rape. She had falsely accused me of unthinkable acts in an attempt to either reduce her sentence or get off completely and hurt me more. I was fortunate that many of my female friends that were friends with her during our relationship managed to get her to admit to the false allegations and testified in court.

When the case was completed she received a commuted sentence. Which means that in 5 months time, she has completely ruined my life, disfigured me and destroyed me as a man, and gotten away with it.

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