Wednesday, August 10, 2011
One in Three Campaign

I was in a relationship for 6 years and we have one little daughter who is now nearly 11. I was 41 when she was born, as was my partner. When I met my partner she had told me she had been "victimised" by the NSW police for exposing corruption. Please understand that this was in 1997 when police corruption was a real hot issue, Wood Royal Commission etc. Anyway it was not until years later I learned she had been dismissed from the police for being psychologically unsuitable.

She assaulted me several times, used to threaten to kill herself in front of me and the child on a daily basis. I reported her to the police but quite honestly someone there is protecting her because even when someone she knew (who I only got to know a little later) reported her to the local police for conspiring to have me murdered (by this time I had moved out) still the police did nothing. At one stage I was living in a granny flat owned by a serving officer and he was amazed at the amount of times the police would seek me out because of all the false allegations she had made, but when I was actually assaulted (when holding my daughter) still the police did nothing.

She has systematically wrecked my career, I have no wish to ever have any other relationship. I am 52 and quite prepared to live like a monk if it means that no one will try to destroy me like she has. What does hurt is that I am totally alone, my little daughter is all the family I have and I am prevented from seeing her. The family court is so biased it is enough to make you sick and the child support agency have accepted totally false claims from her, no evidence and keep threatening to take what possessions I have left. I have now been fighting this woman, who is obviously in need of mental help, for over 7 years, just to clear my name and see my daughter.

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