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I am a father of five and worked long hours to feed, provide shelter and clothe the children and their mum.

I had been married to my partner for 12 years. During those 12 years I experienced trauma in my life and even today I still recall all the traumatic experiences that had such a negative impact on my life.

I had been threatened by my wife in 1999 that if I had separated from her, she would ask her relatives to kill me or if I was not killed she would ask her relatives to kill my family members.

I had been continuously harassed at my workplaces. My partner would come to my workplace and harass or verbally abuse me. In 2002 I had been continuously living in fear from the constant use of weapons (knives, stones and wood). My partner actually missed me with knives on a number of occasions. At one point in time she raised a knife to cut me on the head but I quickly avoided the knife, then a year later she missed me with a pocket knife, almost stabbing me on the tummy.

In 2001 she was 3/4 months pregnant and forced me to terminate the pregnancy. I refused and left. After 4 weeks she self-terminated the pregnancy and again in 2005 while studying in Townsville I was told to return because my partner was sick. I withdrew from studies and left for home.

At home my partner arranged for termination of the pregnancy in the house in my room without my consent. I was left in shock and confused.

In 2008 she threatened to terminate the pregnancy when she was 6 months pregnant.

I was late to report this to the relevant authorities because the Australian system is a new system for me and I thought it was shameful to report such a matter to the authorities.

Earlier this year while studying, she accused me of seeing a neighbour and had threatened to break the windscreen of the car while I was in it. I decided I needed a break and asked her to pick up and leave.

I really did not realise how much the trauma had affected my work. I was always having extreme anxiety...

I hope people out there can share with me their experiences.

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