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My wife hits me pushes me, tries running me down in our car, smashes the house up, throws household objects while my daughter is in the house. We have an 8-month old daughter that has seen the lot. I'm only 22 and my wife is 27 years of age. Two days ago I was holding my daughter while she was punching me, just missing the baby, so I locked myself and the baby in the car and called the police. I was allowed to leave with the baby but yet again I went back, until yesterday when she told me she wanted to kill me and hit me harder. So I have left the house for my safety but she has my daughter. I called D.H.S. for help about my wife and what I can do for the safety of my daughter, but now she is allowed to have the baby in her care even after the police made a violence report. There are no rights for males. It's a joke and I'm stuck and don't know what to do...

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