Aunt M
Friday, January 29, 2010
One in Three Campaign

I was with my nephew last night and didn’t get home until quite late. His wife has taken a DVO out against him, he is very down and I am quite worried about him.

Apparently he has been a victim of domestic violence throughout his marriage, she used to hit him with baseball bats, kick and hit him all the time. She has had affairs and is now living with the new man, it was all a bit much for him and he pushed her again.

Horrible situation, just giving him some backing and non judgemental support at the moment.

Thank-you for finding these websites, I have read with interest about what is obviously a very silent problem.

The sad part with D... is that we all saw him change from a happy, light-hearted practical-joking young man to a withdrawn, very unhappy person. It was often commented on at family get togethers, but never really questioned the radical change that occurred over the 16 years of his marriage.

Never thought that anything like that was happening, we all knew that his wife was moody, clingy and emotional and just put it down to that.

I so wish now that I had gone on instincts and asked, I often used to say to him that if he ever needed anybody to talk to I was there, but I didn’t understand the depth of his unhappiness and situation. It is so easy to just think it can’t be that bad!!

I really want to be able to help now, help him find the courage to get passed the hurt, guilt and embarrassment, he’s only talked to my niece and me about everything and that was last night.

Please use what you think will be useful and thank-you for listening and caring, it has been great to be able to share with someone.

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