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Fitzroy stabbing: wife plotted with man to kill husband, court told

A Melbourne woman who allegedly conspired with another man to kill her husband in an inner Melbourne street was too ill to appear in court today.

Vicky Soteriou, 43, is charged with conspiring with Ari Dimitrakis, 48, to murder her husband Chris Soteriou, 44, on January 2.

Mr and Mrs Soteriou were walking back to their car in Rose Street, Fitzroy about 11.50pm when he was stabbed repeatedly. He remains in the Royal Melbourne Hospital in a serious condition.

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Tot's death result of 'domestic violence'

A 23-year-old mother who unintentionally stabbed and killed her own 16-month-old daughter had been retaliating against years of domestic violence. The woman thrust a knife towards her de facto, unaware he held her child in his arms. Defence lawyer Michael Clarke said during sentencing submissions for his client Nicole Frances Bryan that "tragic timing" had seen her de facto turn around as she brought down a kitchen knife on March 7 last year. Mr Clarke told the Supreme Court his client had endured years of domestic violence and that the night of the tragedy had been the first time she struck back. A State prosecutor told the court it was hard not to have empathy for Ms Bryan but she had committed a reckless, intentional and violent act that had resulted in unintentional consequences. The prosecutor said the de facto, who did not want retribution, claimed domestic violence had occurred on both sides in the past.

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Abusegate: a generation deceived 

I’ve followed the issue of Climategate with great interest, as it has seemed that the issue has mirrored events in the field of domestic violence and partner abuse. Abusegate also occurred due to money, political power, and careers at stake.

Where Abusegate is concerned, however, there is one more element – the life or death of feminism, and its determination to liberate women from the so-called “oppression” of marriage and family. The story of Abusegate is as much about the attempt by feminists to obscure their real intentions as it is about feminist attempts to conceal the reality of partner abuse, in order to claim the issue as their own, and possibly the only issue available at the time to keep this essentially destructive philosophy alive.

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A Woman’s Inalienable Right To Murder?

By Gordon E. Finley, Ph.D.

On January 7, 2010 the Associated Press released a story titled “Maine woman avoids prison for killing of husband”.

What is important about this case are not the details — admittedly unattractive — but the essential legal principle established by Waldo County Superior Court Justice Jeffrey Hjelm. Judge Hjelm established the legal precedent that any woman based on her own internal and unverifiable thoughts and feelings has the right to murder any man and suffer no legal consequences. In short, women and women alone have the right to be judge, jury, and executioner.

The woman, Amber Cummings, using a Battered-Woman Defense, did not testify which would have subjected her to cross-examination. Rather, testimony in her defense was provided by a Psychologist and various other mental health “experts.” Writing as a Psychologist, I can assure all interested parties that among Psychologists and other mental health “experts” there are a very large number who would welcome the opportunity to construct testimony on behalf of a Battered-Woman Defense based on feminist ideology. To judge for yourself whether or not Amber Cummings is a battered woman incapable of any alternative other than murdering her husband, see her interview following the trial here.

What is most critically at issue, however, is whether justice for the crime of murder is to be determined by feminist jurisprudence (the Battered-Woman Defense) or by behavior. In this case the behavior was a woman firing two bullets into the head of a sleeping man.

To fully understand the double standards inherent in feminist jurisprudence one simply has to reverse the genders. Would any judge ruling in a case where a man fired two bullets into the head of a sleeping woman free the man with no criminal penalties?

I don’t know if Judge Hjelm is married but if he is and were his wife to fire two bullets into his head while he slept, it would be ironic justice for his wife to be freed by the subsequent Judge on her case on the basis of her husband’s own ruling.

More importantly, this case establishes a precedent that all men and all women who love men and want a man in their lives should oppose and seek to overturn. Were the core principle established by Judge Hjelm to be retained, we would be a society living under the rule of gender rather than a society living under the rule of law.

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One in eight youths in US prisons sexually abused

Around one in every eight youths in US prisons, with some as young as 12, has been sexually abused by another inmate or jail staff, a survey says.

Eighty percent of abuse cases involved a member of the prison staff, and in nearly all those cases, the alleged offenders were women — even though less than half the staffs in US juvenile prisons are women — said the first National Survey of Youth in Custody report, which was published Thursday.

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