This page contains a selection of recent news articles and commentary about male victims of violence and abuse plus related issues. These articles are presented as a community service, and do not necessarily reflect the views of the One in Three Campaign.

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DV researchers in the Netherlands looking for participants

We have been contacted by a research team from Leiden University, Netherlands, who are currently conducting a study for the department of clinical psychology. The overall aim of the project is to investigate the role of insecure attachment and emotion dysregulation in the relationship between childhood trauma and intimate partner violence. Furthermore, they will investigate this in individuals with high versus low Borderline Personality Disorder features.

They looking for participants. If you would like to take part, the link to the survey is The study has been approved by the Psychology Ethics Committee of Leiden University, number CEP17-0224/111. For further questions, feel free to contact or supervisor Dr. A.D. Krause


1IN3 submission to Victorian Victims Support Agency re new services for male victims of family violence

The One in Three Campaign were contacted recently by the Victorian Department of Justice and Regulation and asked to participate in a consultation process on providing new online resources for male victims of family violence.

You can find the Discussion Paper here and you can read One in Three's submission here.

We are hopeful that male victims of family violence in Victoria will soon have more appropriate resources and support to assist them.


TV program on domestic violence in regional Australia looking to interview male victims

We have been contacted by the producers of a one-hour programme examining domestic violence in regional Australia - part of a series examining social issues in regional areas.

Part of the reason for doing these programmes is to explore issues specifically outside of the metro cities and to give a voice to people affected who may not necessarily be heard via other media outlets.

For this programme on domestic violence they are particularly keen to hear from men who are affected by this issue.

They are looking for 2 case studies:

1. A male victim who has been subjected to physical violence at the hands of a wife/defacto/intimate partner. Ideally that would have some photographic/video record of the abuse, police reports etc to accompany their story.

2. A male victim who has suffered non-physical abuse. Online harassment, bullying, emotional intimidation, financial pressure or threats involving their children.

The producers are happy for men to take part either 'on the record' or anonymously.

If you would be interested in being interviewed for the project, or you know of someone who might be, please let us know.

Many thanks!


ABC Radio Brisbane confirms one male is a victim of domestic homicide every 10 days

In a recent ABC Radio interview with Robert Brockway from Men's Rights Brisbane, the statistic that "one male is a victim of domestic homicide every 10 days" was challenged by the ABC presenter and by a number of listeners. In a rare piece of honesty and transparency, the ABC then contacted the Australian Institute of Criminology and an Assistant Professor of Criminology at Bond University who verified that the statistic was indeed correct. This radio segment has been edited to include only the relevant portions of it.

View on YouTube or Facebook.


Unmasking Masculinity (short YouTube film about male victims of DV)

Some Redwood High School (Mill Valley, CA) film students attended the San Rafael, CA October screening of The Red Pill (documentary film on the men's rights movement) and after seeing it decided to do their class project documentary film on battered men.