This page contains a selection of recent news articles and commentary about male victims of violence and abuse plus related issues. These articles are presented as a community service, and do not necessarily reflect the views of the One in Three Campaign.

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Men are victims of family violence too | Herald Sun


David, a victim of family violence. Source: News Limited

When David became a victim of family violence, he had nowhere to turn.

After months of escalating violence from his partner, Jennifer, he finally left their home, assisted by police who kept the peace while he packed his belongings into a trailer at two in the morning.

Then, he drove to the beach and slept in his car, the trailer behind him holding his worldly belongings.

"That night spent near the beach in the car with all my possession in the trailer, and the joggers looking in the window the next morning, that was ground zero for me,'' David said.

A businessman with a senior job in a prominent Australian company, David has agreed to speak to the Herald Sun about his experiences with family violence to highlight the fact that men, too, can be victims.

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Researchers looking for volunteers to participate in a 90-minute online discussion group

We are looking for volunteers to participate in a 90-minute online discussion group. We are trying to learn more about men’s experiences of abuse from a female intimate partner in different Western countries (UK, USA, Canada and Australia). This is an under-researched area and we hope that by allowing men’s voices to be heard we can contribute to the understanding and development of prevention, services and funding for this issue, in addition to raising international awareness.  

Dr. Elizabeth Celi, researching psychologist & author in Australia & Dr. Emily Douglas from Bridgewater State University are looking for men to take part in the Australian study. We want to speak to men who have experienced some form of abuse in a current or past intimate relationship and who are willing to discuss their experiences with a researcher and other men in similar situations. This abuse does not have to be physical. We recognize that people can experience other forms of abuse such as psychological, emotional, sexual or controlling behaviours, and we are interested in all of these forms. The discussion group will be held virtually; that is, we will use an online facility to speak to each other. This will allow men who live in different parts of Australia to get together and talk to each other. Groups will be small, approximately 5 men and two researchers. Your participation in this group will have to be from a private location - for example, a home PC or iPad, or mobile phone in a private location –to make sure we uphold the confidentiality for you and other participants in the group. Therefore, you could not carry out the group in an internet café or library, for example. 

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Australia. Quando la vittima porta i pantaloni (When the victim wears the pants)

Many thanks to Daniela Bandelli for posting this piece about One in Three on the website. Unfortunately the text is in Italian, but we have posted the link to the Google Translation here. Here is an excerpt in English...

One out of three victims of domestic violence in Australia is a man. In most cases it is a man abused by his partner, a woman. Which is explained by the fact that most of the couples are heterosexual.
These partners, boyfriends, husbands receive punches, scratches, bites or kicks from their "sweet" half. For others dishes are flying, hurt by stiletto heels or metal pipes, threatened with knives or pierced with hurtful words. Even in bed women are capable of doing harm: non-consensual sex, humiliation and pregnancies by deception. There is plenty of blackmail, such as: "if you do not let me see the kids" or "I swear I'll kill you." And there are false allegations of abuse to gain custody of their children after separation and preventing their ex-husband from being a father.

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Feminists have failed to stop domestic violence, maybe it’s time to give someone else a chance…. | EQUALITY 4 MEN (UK)


Today is a very important day for all victims of domestic violence. Today marks the coming of age of the male domestic violence sector in the UK says Glen Poole of equality4men.

The MARS Conference Centre in Slough may seem like an unlikely place for a revolution brothers (and sisters), but that’s where dozens of men and women will be gathering today for the Second National Conference on Male Victims of domestic abuse, hosted by the charity The ManKind Initiative.

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Please sign Welsh e-Petition to Stop Sexism In Domestic Abuse

e-Petition: Stop Sexism In Domestic Abuse

We call upon the National Assembly for Wales to urge the Welsh Government to stop Domestic Abuse (DA) by treating it as a gender inclusive and human phenomenon in which many men and women share both suffering and responsibility.

Practical NOT Politics.

The current proposal blames men, and only men, for all violence and puts a radical gender based prejudice before the real needs of women, men and children and where 97% of men do NOT fit this profile.

Fear of repercussions and lack of publicity in Wales have prevented open and vocal dissent.

This Petition invites an alternative approach that recognises that 86% of DA is the responsibility of both women and men. It also offers greater protection to children and removes the discrimination that arises solely from radical gendered prejudice against those people in same sex female relationships.


Sign this petition. You do not have to be a Welsh resident to sign!