This page contains a selection of recent news articles and commentary about male victims of violence and abuse plus related issues. These articles are presented as a community service, and do not necessarily reflect the views of the One in Three Campaign.

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Report on One in Three's involvement with the Federal Senate Inquiry into Domestic Violence

In July 2014, the One in Three Campaign lodged our written submission to the Senate Standing Committees on Finance and Public Administration’s Inquiry into Domestic Violence in Australia. Some ten months later, our dealings with the Inquiry have finally concluded and we are able to talk about our experiences. This has been an eye-opening experience for the men and women of One in Three. We were prepared for rigorous questioning and challenging of our views, but not for the levels of direct, unsubstantiated and unprovoked attack by some members of the Senate Committee and other organisations appearing before it. What follows is a detailed account of our experiences, and is unfortunately lengthy. However we feel this level of detail is necessary for reasons of transparency.

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Reminder: submissions to Royal Commission into Family Violence close tomorrow, 29th May

The closing date for written submissions is Friday, 29 May 2015.

Written submissions help to improve the Royal Commission's understanding of gaps and problems in the response of our system, and our society, to family violence, as well as identify existing good practice and potential solutions.

The Royal Commission into Family Violence is seeking written submissions on any issues relating to its  terms of reference. We welcome input from those who have experienced or who have come into contact with people affected by family violence and from any others whose experiences and ideas may assist the work of the Royal Commission.

An issues paper has been developed to provide general guidance to individuals and organisations in making their written submissions.  The themes and the questions raised in the issues paper are guides and examples only.  There is no need to address any or all of the questions posed and you may include issues and/or solutions that have not been discussed in the issues paper (as long as they fall within the Royal Commission's terms of reference).

In addition, there is no particular format or length required for a submission. However, all submissions must carry a submission cover sheet (see below) and be sent in by Friday, 29 May 2015.

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Tertangala publishes response from the One in Three Campaign

The Tertangala (the student magazine of the University of Wollongong) has published a response by the One in Three Campaign to its article "The One In Three Campaign is Bollocks, and Here is Why".

The editors agree that the article was too one-sided and were keen to share the other side of the story. Credit is due to the magazine and its editorial team for this fair and reasonable decision. You might like leave a comment under the article thanking them.


1IN3's response to Tertangala op-ed "The One In Three Campaign is Bollocks, and Here is Why"

The One in Three Campaign - a diverse group of male and female professionals – academics, researchers, social workers, psychologists, counsellors, lawyers, health promotion workers, trainers and survivor/advocates - would like to respond to just a few of the false and misleading claims made in Nicole Archer's op-ed "The One In Three Campaign is Bollocks, and Here is Why" (May 20th).

The author claims that 1IN3 is essentially a "campaign against efforts to address men’s violence against women" and that we "constantly undermine campaigns that address men’s violence against women." There is absolutely no evidence to support such a claim. Please read our website and do a thorough Google search. If you have such evidence, please cite it. Please read the Misinformation page of our website in its entirety. It clearly states "The One in Three Campaign is fully supportive of all genuine programs designed to protect women and children from violence. We are simply seeking similar protection for men and boys and asking that the vast majority who are not violent are no longer tarred with the brush of violent males."

The author claims we cite the Australian Bureau of Statistic’s 2006 Personal Safety Survey (PSS) and "family conflict" studies as our main sources. This is also quite untrue. We cite the 2012 Personal Safety Survey along with 20 other reputable studies that include other community surveys, crime, police, homicide, hospital, and protection order statistics, all demonstrating that one in three victims of family violence is male. For example, the NSW Auditor General found that 34% (more than one in three) domestic and family violence incidents recorded by Police in 2010 involved male victims and 30% (almost one in three) involved female perpetrators.

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National Boy's Health Forum changes its focus

Due to a change in focus from family violence to excessive alcohol consumption, One in Three will no longer be presenting at the National Boy's Health Forum on 25th May.

We send our best wishes to the organisers for a very successful event and look forward to working with the Top Blokes Foundation in the future.