TV program wants to talk with men who have experienced domestic violence
Tuesday, June 27, 2017
One in Three Campaign

** Update: Due to an overwhleming number of responses, SBS have told us they have enough male victims to talk to for the time being. Thank you to eveyone who responded! **

We have been contacted by Roje Augustin, one of the Producers with the SBS TV program Insight

She is in the initial research phase of looking into the issue of domestic violence against men with the view to possibly running a show on the topic at a future date. What she’d love at this stage is to talk to some men about their experiences and personal stories.

Anyone interested can contact Roje directly at 02 9430 3178 or by email at

Here is a link to the Insight website to give an idea of the show’s format, which is basically a weekly panel talk show that focuses on personal stories on a given topic.

Thanks so much for your help!

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