ABC Open Drum callout for stories of family violence
Tuesday, September 22, 2015
One in Three Campaign


Project Brief

Have your say on what's happening in the news, current affairs and policy debates around the country.

Each fortnight, ABC Open and The Drum will nominate a subject for discussion, asking everyday Australians to share their personal story.

If you've lived it, we want to hear your story and your considered thoughts on the issue of the day. Our current topic is...


There is a hidden epidemic of violence in Australian homes. One woman is hospitalised every three hours as a result of family violence. Children see and hear this violence. How do victims stay safe and seek justice? How should we hold perpetrators to account? Share your story and views in 300 – 700 words.

All contributions that meet the Dos and Don'ts will be published here on ABC Open. We may edit your contribution to make it suitable for publishing across different mediums and to give it context. The most compelling will be featured on The Drum, the ABC's popular platform for debate and discussion featuring some of Australia's best journalists, thinkers and opinion-makers. Contributors may also be invited to record their piece or become a live guest for ABC Radio.

The deadline for consideration for selection for The Drum is midday Monday, 28th September.

You can contribute with text

Project ends on Nov 29 2015.

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