Male family violence victims ignored: dads | 7 News
Monday, August 10, 2015
One in Three Campaign

Male victims of family violence are being ignored because it goes against radical feminist ideology which places the blame on men, a victims' group says.

"Men are largely, if not completely, dismissed as victims of family violence, and not offered the same level of support as a female victim solely based upon their gender," The Forgotten Victims of Family Violence has written in a submission published on Wednesday.

The association of mostly separated fathers says there are many myths about family violence linked to "the radical feminist paradigm of family violence" which they say ignores the high number of women who hurt children.

In its submission to Victoria's Royal Commission into Family Violence the group asks the inquiry to address the role of female perpetrators of domestic violence.

The group also recommends there be no reintroduction of defensive homicide laws.

"The presumption that female violence against men is a response to male violence is ... without any basis," it said.

There were roughly the same number of male and female victims of family homicide in Victoria in the decade to 2010, the group says.

But it notes that 71 per cent of victims killed by a partner were female, while the majority of victims in other family homicides were male.

The royal commission will resume public hearings on August 3.

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