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Shot dad Lenny Comollatti tells of horror shooting at Gracemere

All the photographs Lenny Comollatti had of his baby Anthony were lost in the vehicle his former wife crashed on Tuesday night.

Jade Quilligan, 22, is believed to have fatally shot the eight-month-old boy and wounded Mr Comollatti before fleeing a home in Gracemere, 11km southwest of Rockhampton, in a ute.

Speaking exclusively with The Courier-Mail from his bed at Rockhampton Base Hospital, Mr Comollatti said he was reeling from the double tragedy.

“Everybody’s talking about it too much already,” he said.

“I’m just trying to get over it myself.”

Mr Comollatti, who was shot in the stomach, was yesterday awaiting surgery.

Mr Comollatti, 33, said the day of the shooting was the first time he had seen baby Anthony in quite a while.

He said the only photos he had of his son were taken when he was around four months old, but they were in the ute that Quilligan crashed into a tree after the shooting.

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