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Vicky Soteriou, accused of plotting to kill her husband, denied bail

A wife accused of plotting with her secret lover to kill her husband on his birthday has been refused bail.

Chris Soteriou was lucky to survive after being repeatedly stabbed as he left his 44th birthday dinner in Brunswick St, Fitzroy in January.

Mother of three Vicky Soteriou, 43, and her lover of ten years Ari Dimitrakis, 48, are charged with attempted murder and conspiracy to murder.

Melbourne Magistrates' Court heard the lovers had each other's names tattooed on their bodies and had even purchased a double burial plot at Keilor cemetery.

Ms Soteriou's tattoo was hidden beneath her wedding ring on her ring finger, while Mr Dimitrakis sported a "Vicky" tattoo on his groin.

Mr Soteriou had superannuation worth $2 million.

He did not know of his wife's decade-long affair until police broke the news as he recovered from his wounds.

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