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What is "Abusegate"?

Abusegate refers to the systematic distortion of the truth about partner aggression by the domestic violence industry. These half-truths and falsehoods form the basis of a well-financed but harmful effort to curb partner violence. This Special Report that details many of the falsehoods: Fifty Domestic Violence Myths.

We are calling on political leaders to probe the many distortions and fraudulent practices of Abusegate — hence “Abusegate, Investigate!”

In 2010, we are mounting a high-profile campaign to inform the American public about the truth of domestic violence. At the national level, the campaign is being carried out via op-ed columns, radio interviews, and other means.

Locally, we are inviting persons to get the word out every way imaginable: via blogs, letters to the editor, radio talk shows, messages to email lists, meetings, etc. Here’s a flyer you can pass out: RADAR Flyer.

The fate of our families, our civil rights, indeed the fundamental values of our society hang in the balance. As the Violence Against Women Act and the Family Violence Prevention and Services Act come up for reauthorization in 2010, we invite you to participate in this critical national effort to make domestic violence services effective and accountable.

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