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Barbara Kay: Twenty years after the Montreal Massacre, it’s time to end the moral pogrom against Canadian men (Canada)

In the local high school this week each class got a ten minute seminar on Marc Lepine and violence against women. This is a scandal. The persistent notion that one in three women will be violently assaulted in her lifetime is an egregious lie. Spousal homicides of approximately fifty women killed by men (and about 30 men killed by women) a year in a nation of 35 million people is individually tragic, but statistically meaningless as a social trend. Secondly, in this Soviet-era show trial performance, the school is needlessly frightening girls - while assuring them they are incapable themselves of ever hurting a man, another egregious lie - and shamelessly denigrating boys by virtue of their sex, pretty well assuring them that they are monsters at heart, and need special indoctrination to make sure they don’t all turn out to be Jack the Rippers.

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