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Domestic dispute cost Bengals' Henry his life (USA)

Cincinnati Bengals' receiver Chris Henry fell out of a pickup truck Wednesday, in an apparent domestic abuse dispute with his fiancée, Lolieni Tonga, with whom he was raising three children. He was found eight miles north of downtown Charlotte lying in a residential street, and suffered life-threatening injuries. According to Associated Content, Henry was pronounced dead just after 6:00 am this morning, but the news was withheld until the last hour.

Henry's death highlights the tragic outcome of partner violence, one form of domestic abuse. Domestic violence is widespread, and estimates suggesting that up to 10% of U.S. households suffer from some form of abuse, including emotional, physical, sexual and financial and against partners, elders and/or minors. Between intimate partners, women are far more likely to sustain physical injuries (65% according to one analysis), be the victims of stalking, and fear for their lives.

However, men and women are equally aggressive towards one another according to experts who’ve studied domestic violence in the US and abroad, and some suggest that the term 'partner abuse' should be used to highlight that this is not a gender specific tragedy.

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