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Rob's personal story

When I first met my wife I was lacking in self –esteem, although I don’t think I even knew what that meant all those years ago. I had been out of a long term relationship for about a year but don’t think I was really ready for another one.

Sally was very intense. She had a lot of fun, liked to party. We had amazing sex and when I was with her I felt really alive. She paid me compliments all the time and it just felt good to be with her. Sure she had a ‘hot temper’ but she was just ‘passionate’ wasn’t she.

Her interests seemed to match mine. We both loved travel, planned to emigrate and enjoyed scuba diving. I was so much ‘in love’ with her that I failed to notice how unusual her family background was, with many fractured relationships over seeming trivial matters. I also did not notice how unusual it was that she asked me to marry her after only six months together.

She was very jealous of the time I spent with my friends – justifying the behaviour by saying that they were all womanisers and she couldn’t trust me when out with them. (This was true of some of my friends but by no means all of them). I told myself she just didn’t want to lose me and would try to reassure her.

There were some warning signs before we got married such as the time she yelled in my ear repeatedly when I was driving. I put it down to stress. It was only after we got married that she truly revealed what she was capable of.

After we were married about 6 months my mother forgot her birthday. I was unhappy with this too but somehow I became ‘responsible’. There was an argument (well less of an argument than her abusing me – but I called it an argument back then) which culminated in her throwing a wine glass at me. It shattered and shards lodged in my leg. I looked at my blood soaked training shoe and she was still yelling. To my shame I lashed out and kicked her. The only time I ever retaliated.

This incident was used as a source of great guilt for me over many years. She would say ‘I have shown what I am capable of’ and ‘she knows the type of man I really am’. I thought of divorcing her at this point but after a few days all was forgotten.

Visits from my family were always a source of tension. I always found she was trying to angle for an argument or a reason to berate me later. She seemed to take everything my mum and dad said to her the wrong way. I never spoke against her in front of anyone, always playing the loyal husband but I would raise my concerns in private and she would abuse me in the most disrespectful ways. She made time with my family a misery for me and them. It was always a source of conflict between us. She burned my friends but found it difficult to isolate me from my family.

We eventually had 3 children over a period of 6 years. Things deteriorated in such an insidious and gradual manner. It was the proverbial frog in the pond. The temperature changing so gradually that I did not know what had happened. I eventually ended up isolated from my family. My time was carefully controlled and I endured emotional abuse on a daily basis. She became an alcoholic and was stood down from her job for drinking on duty. I had a fractured skull from being pushed down steps. Still I told nobody.

I actually did not realise I was in an abusive relationship. I did not think at all. My existence reduced to meeting her needs and being berated daily. Her life consisted of drinking and watching soap operas. Our home stank despite the fact she wasn’t working but she would not let me employ a cleaner.

My salvation came from doing ‘the wrong thing’. Sex had become non-existent as she was normally passed out and was unpleasant anyway. It is not pleasant being sober and having sex with a drunk. I did something very out of character and met a woman on an adult dating website. We became very close friends and eventually I shared some of the things that went on at home. This woman, who had been an abuse victim herself, educated me on what was happening.

I started to understand that I was a victim of domestic violence. I started to understand what had happened to my life. Of course, to the world I am one of those horrible narcissistic male adulterers. To be honest I don’t care. I was faithful to a woman for 15 years who turned me into a pale shadow of the man I was. Who sucked the life out of me like a vampire. The biggest thing I have learned is to judge nobody for what happens in their relationships. You have no idea what goes on behind closed doors.


John's personal story

The big worry I have is that I have failed my sons. I have three sons and all of them have anxiety problems - I should have got them out of there. Kids are vulnerable - I can cope with living with a crazy person but they shouldn't have to. If any of my sons read this - James, Thomas and Tim, I'm sorry. I wish I had done more - I'm sorry.

Your Dad


Re Duced's personal story


Female violence does NOT have to result in physical black eyes to be significant. It's a shame most stories you hear are of that extreme. Here is a different one.

PART 1 - the in-relationship violence

It began as a mistake. On us getting together a friend of hers told me, "just don't let her get angry with you" and shuddered. I laughed. I'm attracted to strong women, it's cool. If you're into astrology, which I'm not, I'm an Aries, she a Scorpio. An astrologer enthusiast said to me, "oh my, you must have some terrible fights". Indeed.

Verbal interrogation and control with the most explosive temper I have ever witnessed by far, were her modus operandi. Shouting tantrums were childlike, and she'd never back down, no way. After a while it became habitual, a constant. She got physical too, throwing objects at you her favourite weapon, and became a common event when her tantrums became tornado like, hard objects, not teddy bears, a glass smashing inches away from your head against the wall; once a full blown punch to the stomach swinging out of her rage; pulling the handbrake on at 100km/hr on the highway as the passenger as she's screaming her lungs out. After we split, death threats, a phone call telling me she's going to send some thugs she knows to beat the crap out of me with baseball bats; and realities, sending friends of hers to break into my house while I was away to take the fridge and washer and leave meat to rot all over the bench for my return.

I'd not experienced such violence in my upbringing. I grew up in a peaceful household and outside that had only ever witnessed a few people getting the shits type thing, including myself. This was a whole new level and I found it very disturbing, but tried to put on the brave face.

Causes of her anger I accept some responsibility, if not a lot of it. Much of her anger was sex based. She always wanted sex. I didn't. What I was doing in a relationship with someone who didn't arouse me I have no idea and accept the blame for it. For the first time in my life, I couldn't actually get an erection.

I find anger very unattractive and it made the problem even worse. She tried to be understanding at first, but eventually she started intimidating and taunting me that I was a sexual failure, that my penis was pathetic anyway. She even called my very non sex oriented mother up to tell her I was sexually inadequate, adding that I wont talk about it to her without getting violent. What? A psychological tactic of hers, spread dirt quickly.

Her favourite intimidation was her threatening to call the police and claim abuse. My method of handling her constant interrogation, harassment and verbal shouting, was to remain calm and not fire back. I'd discuss the issue, but remain calm in the face of her serious aggression. She'd just push it and shout. To her 100 shouting tirades, I'd reply with shouting back in defence one time. I could exaggerate but I'm not. As soon as I did shout back, she'd call the police. I had to grab the phone to stop it - which she called first rate abuse. It made me very uncomfortable and she knew it, so used it regularly, including when I disobeyed orders. One time she demanded sex. I had a serious back condition giving me acute pain, I said no, she ordered me to the couch, to which I refused, no shouting, and she'd do the call the police routine. I went to the couch.

I thought no meant no? And all this coming from a feminist? Wasn't the right to say no to sex a feminist war cry?

That's just a select few categories of her intimidation and violence. I could go on and on. It was daily, weekly, monthly. I was living in hell, scared to get out of bed in the morning for fear of the shouting that would confront today. I began to physically feel nerves tingling, endless nausea, and walked on egg shells, would extend work, stop at a McDonalds on the way home, checking the clock realising Ive been there 3 hours reading the paper, just to not go home. Being late you'd cop it sweet and sleep on the couch.

I'm no angel, I don't intend to portray me as such. For starters I'm a very unromantic partner, socially inadequate, hardly your prince charming, which she demanded. But yes I have a temper. I have anger. We all do. Though I generally control it, especially when in the face of a real aggressor. They intimidate me and I'll speak my mind less than I do with a weaker person. But I reach a point, that 1 in 100 times where I'll retaliate. When I get verbal I can really cut. I was beginning to lose patience with her attacks, fuck this shit, raising my voice in retaliation. You do this, you begin to copy the behaviour, it works for her, why don't I give it a try? Even throwing objects like the remote control I gave a try, but never at her, more childish tantrum like.

After an attack lasting for hours one night, I told her in anger to get out. You can't live under that violence, you just can't, and a child shouldn't have to see it, and he was beginning to. Including mine. Enough.

Part 2 - Use the child as a weapon, and really squash him, subtle violence.

To cut a long story short, she told everyone I was a violent abusive man. In mediation, she refused to allow me unsupervised access to my child, insisting I'm watched by her mother at her mother's place, some 6 hours return travel. It was a very uncomfortable, difficult and humiliating position. She claimed I was a danger to my child's safety. They believe that without any question. She cried just at the right times.

I swallowed it and did it. The most important thing being the child. After 12 months of tolerating this untenable torture perfectly, I insisted more freedom, which was refused, apart from a very small unreasonable window during the day with all sorts of conditions. She added assurance this would continue for at least another 5 years. The mediator sat in silence. He was highly incompetent at dealing with an overbearing woman.

On my first very brief excursion with him solo, a walk up town, she called me repetitively, threatening to call the police, that I was about to abduct him, all this hysteria. I was now 15 minutes late home for the strict deadline, running the last few hundred metres in fear. The mother in law was bitching to the ex on the phone about it as I entered.

It was very frustrating and I'd had enough. I threw my coat, robustly, onto the couch and said sternly but controlled, "I've had enough of this, you need to start treating me with respect, do you understand?"

She was no shrinking violet and told me the only way I could be treated with any respect was "if I paid more money".

I was insulted and infuriated, I'm actually very poor under large financial stress, and gave her a verbal spray. She stood up to me and argued back, which urged me on, and yep, I gave her a verbal spray, swear words and all. They'd hurt me with this nonsense revenge, intentionally, and I now wanted to hurt her. I left the scene in anger. I never physically intimated her once, I'm not that type.

But I'd taken the bait.

I road my bike down the highway at 240 km/hr and didn't give a damn if I got caught. I'm an experienced rider, skilled, and at that speed they wont catch you anyway, and I'd be in for the chase in any case. I was so upset. I knew that was it.

I called mediation and asked for another session, to rework this untenable situation. She refused any more sessions. There's nothing you can now do but go to court. I can't afford that.

6 weeks later, I was served with an AVO, claiming they were terrified to sleep at night, claiming a violent relationship, her as sweet little victim. 6 weeks later? Surely I'd have done the violence by now?

With 2 women crying and testifying in court that I'm a violent male, I figured I had no chance. I was deeply depressed and disturbed. To be accused of violence by someone who actually is highly violent, was too much irony to deal with.

I actually went insane; my hair long and unkempt; body unfed; no appetite; jeans hanging loose from protruding hips. A terrible sight. The sun had no heating effect on my body lying in it after waking at noon everyday. I felt like a vampire, without soul.

Friends wanted to know nothing about it. They're progressive pro-feminist male wary types, as I always was too. If a man is accused of violence to these types, you are violent, period. Other male friends are the opposite, 'women are just bitches' types. No intellectual stimulation there, but it was something at least, though empty.

If a court did pass an AVO on me with my being there, I feared I would not be able to mentally handle that. I didn't go.

All very foolish, but this is what trauma does to you. If they did give me an AVO in my presence, I had visions of riding my motorcycle into a truck after the court case. I was so upset. I loved my child and he me, and cried hopelessly watching videos of me making him laugh. I desperately wanted to be with him. But wiser to save my life and come back later.

The AVO was for 2 years, and after that separation, I couldn't go back to make contact. Too scared and intimidated, still am. There would and will be trouble. This woman knows exactly what to do and which strings to pull, a master of domestic violence. She would definitely have put the child against me by now, claiming victim of abuse. I believe she has a fantasy for it. I can't bear the thought of it. All I know is she's moved away and I have no idea where my child is and I'm not allowed to find out.

Worst of all is, now, after not going back, I'm the one to blame, and everyone tells you that - if you can get anyone to talk about it. I did lose my temper, and didn't go back. All else is irrelevant. She's played it brilliantly, I played it terribly. My child, that beautiful little boy I made laugh so hard, loses.

Domestic violence is deeply disturbing, especially the mental kind. I kind of wish she was just physically violent, it would be much easier to explain and deal with, oddly enough.


Shane's personal story

My son was in a similar position re violent wife. Once when he was being attacked after many occasions he rang the police for help. They came took the wife and 2 children away to the wife's violent sisters place.

She was eventually put in contact with crisis people who would not listen to either my son or my wife's side of the story.

My son was denied access to the children for about 3 months until he employed a lawyer at considerable expense.

My son's wife also would take psychotic turns and completely ignore the children for up to 3 days at a time. On one of these violent turns she slammed the door on one of the children's hand which was badly damaged and had to be taken to hospital. During the time of these psychotic turns my wife would have to go and care for the children.

My son and us tried to get help for her with a number of Community Services Child Protection, marriage counsellors, mental health and so on. All went to speak with her but because of her Chinese heritage she would not admit she had a problem because she would lose face with the family so would not accept help.

They were only married for 4 years 11 months. She brought nothing into the marriage, but family law apparently says she is entitled to half my son's assets and his super and all the blame is put on him and the family law apparently takes all his rights away but the violent wife is not penalised one bit.

We applied for legal aid and were rejected because we had more than $2000.00 in the bank. My son's wife applied for legal aid and was given this, despite her having withdrawn a considerable amount of money out of their joint account and then having closed it. She hid the money so it did not show up in her bank account.

We advised her lawyer of this but no action was taken. He continued to act for her.

I think that the family laws are very unreasonable in some cases especially when the male is the victim and all rights are given to the female.


Don's personal story

I am a male firefighter. I am a victim of family violence and my daughter is a victim of family violence.

When the Prime Minister of this country came out last week and stated “The issue of domestic violence, or family violence, as it's often called, which is just violence against women....”, then it not only makes my suffering feel less important – it makes me feel irrelevant, ignored, and invisible.

Family violence includes emotional abuse. It has impacted my life every day for several years in a form I can only describe as a living hell. I see no end in sight. I've had about eight hours of contact with my only child in almost five years despite spending a fortune and never stopping trying. I have been so ruthlessly removed from all aspects of her life that the only way I even know my child is alive is because I receive a report card in the mail. She's always on my mind and every time my phone rings I wonder if it might just be her.

Hidden epidemic? There is nothing more hidden than this family violence. Hospitalisation rates? In an instant I would swap this emotional torture for the broken bones of physical abuse because physical abuse can be diagnosed, medicated and set on a fixed path of recovery. Not so with this family violence.

Children see this violence? My child did not see the violence in the family dynamic to which I refer. No, it is much worse. This family violence hides in the robes of one parent, enmeshing the unknowing child and gradually orchestrating and authorising the child to sever their loving relationship with the other parent – in my case the entire paternal family tree. This is achieved through malicious intent, manipulation of a broken Family Court and exploiting the ignorance of an uncaring society.

How do victims seek justice? Believe me, there is no justice in this form of family violence and it will not change until parental alienation is acknowledged for what it is – Child Abuse and Ex-Partner Abuse. Alienators know too well they can accuse, abuse and contravene with impunity. False allegations are a common tactic. I believed perjury to be a crime. How many Australians know there is no offence for perjury in our Family Court? Meanwhile, the child buries the guilt of “choosing” to unnaturally erase their other loving parent, a burden they then carry for life unless it can be lifted from their shoulders.

When people say family violence needs funding and awareness I agree wholeheartedly. But our government decided not to denounce all family violence by anyone, anywhere, anytime. Instead they chose to allocate funds only to women and thereby imply that if you are a male victim your suffering is less important. I question why a government purportedly promoting social equality leads by inequality.

A measure of this counter-productiveness could be seen immediately after the announcement, when social media went into meltdown with a virtual online gender war. On one side stand the well organised army of mostly women who preach “equality” but demand precedence over men who may also be murdered or driven to add to the deplorable male suicide rate. On the other side stand mostly men who point out that, rather than whipping up hysteria against an entire gender, all violence should be condemned regardless of gender and that violence needs to be addressed at a generational level which is inclusive rather than exclusive.

So if our Government makes me feel irrelevant and therefore the welfare of my suffering child irrelevant, then how does it make those men without social ties feel, who are victims, have nowhere to turn and are one bad day away from making the ultimate bad decision? – whether that be their own life or someone else’s life, who will then become just another statistic.

Parental alienation is an insipid form of family violence but our Prime Minister has casually dismissed it. Our children deserve more than comments from government that portray family violence as “just violence against women” and actions that suggest our suffering isn’t even a blip on the horizon. PA isn’t just another term to be considered with family dynamics and unfortunate stories that happen to others. It is cruelty of the highest order, emotional torture beyond compare and it is about time society recognized it as such.