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Andrew's personal story

My wife (separated) is a passive aggressive with occasional bursts of rage. She hid her true feelings from me until her wealthy parents offered her money to force me out of my home. At that point she hit me and took my children three days before Christmas. The Police turned a blind eye. A year later she hit me again. That time she actually told the Police that she hit me, but again they ignored it and refused to listen to my side of the story. They appeared to feel that they needed to stand up for her and they made up other charges against me. I had to pay a solicitor to face them. I ended up having to sign a document promising not to legally pursue them for false imprisonment. There is an official record of all of this. My solicitor told me that if they took my statement that they'd be forced to immediately arrest and charge her, hence why they refused to take my statement.

Well, now it's a new low. We've been getting mediation, however she didn't like what she was hearing from the male at Relationships Australia, so she found a more sympathetic, more expensive, more female mediator who demanded that I attend her office or face legal documentation be prepared against me for the family law court. She approached me in an extremely upsetting and aggressive manor. I didn't know how to handle her insistence that I comply to her demands within seven days, so I asked questions and pointed out that we were already getting mediation. She cut the deadline for compliance short and told my ex that I had refused “mediation” and that she'd issue the certificate against me for the family law court. I didn't refuse mediation. I just refused to be bullied by the sisterhood.

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