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Mum flower's personal story

I will first start with my personal story regarding my 34yr old son. He is a big built kind hearted teddy bear type of person. Everyone loves him. She (his wife) is a small petite, soft spoken women when others are around.

His life before the violence. He was separated from his partner of 10 years and had his 2 children with him the whole time he was on his break. He was a FIFO worker and a loving doting father. He worked on the Mines, fully qualified and earning good income. He had 4 cars, house full of furniture, latest phone, plenty of money to enjoy life, and very close to his family and spent much time with them. There was never any abuse whatsoever.

My son now. My son got married 2 years ago, and now has 2 children to his present wife. His current wife has another 2 children from 2 different fathers from previous relationships. (4 children now in one government, 2 bed apartment). The bashing in the head, and the biting on his body started on their honeymoon. He is not allowed to work at all (has to look after the kids), not allowed a mobile phone, she controls his email. She sold everything he ever owned, sold all his cars and controls all the money. She has cut up all of his clothes too many times to mention. He is not allowed to have anything to do with his previous children (they are very disturbed and the eldest has been suicidal), not allowed to see his own family, gets bashed (punched in the head) stabbed with car keys all over his face and body, had a knife held to him and the list goes on. The police have been called on many occasions by her, and then they arrest him and take him away with all his scars, cuts, bleeding etc, TO PROTECT HER! He has been given move on orders, arrested, placed in a paddy wagon and locked up overnight. She has had restraining orders placed on him, then picks him up, while the restraining order is still on. She has called him back to the house, then called the police and said that he is there. She has had him charged with something (not sure what) and has never been injured by him. The court told him that if he even raises his voice to her, she can call them and he will be arrested and incarcerated until his court date. He doesn't call the police, is very scared of being arrested and placed in jail. She has made him grow a beard to hide the scars and a cap to hide the scars on his head. His body is covered. She made him tattoo her name over the name of his daughters name from his previous relationship. He has never harmed anyone in his life and has never had a police record.

Three days ago, it all happened again. Outside of his fathers house (the only person in the world he is allowed to visit) she made him crawl on the ground like a dog towards her, then said roll over like a dog, and then put out his paw (hand) and he said sorry, sorry, sorry! She filmed all of this on her phone. She then hopped in their hire car and almost ran over their 2 year old daughter as she took off in a hurry. My son's father was in the house and saw it through the window. He called the police, and guess what they said..........Sorry Mr .... you know that if we come out, we will arrest your son! His father took photos of his injuries.

This is not the son we know! He has been totally manipulated, controlled, and abused both mentally and physically for the past 2 years.

What do we do? I've taken him to the police about a year ago with bite marks all over his body, they took pictures. I've called the Child Protection Services, and they do nothing apart from check on them and listen to that soft still voice of his wife and believe all that she tells them. He has numerous hospital records of the beatings, stitches (she hit him on the head with a pan) and the list goes on. He does not tell the hospital staff that she did it as he is scared of repercussion. He needs help, but is so manipulated by her that he can't make decisions on his own and is fearful of her.

Nobody is listening and nobody believes us because he is a big built man, and she is a small built woman!


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