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Craig's personal story

I had a story to tell once. The police didn't listen, they wanted evidence, my wife didn't need evidence just reasonable probability... 'it probably happened' WTF. Registrars don't want to listen, magistrates don't want to listen, prosecutors don't want to listen, even legal aid will help mount a defence because they want me to plea bargain (for want of a better term). It's CHEAPER... what price do you put in a good man's sanity?

1st IVO came the day my inheritance came in... she stole it... then set me up to breach, no one cares. Second IVO came just last week a day after I told her I would be asking for 50/50 care of the kids. No one cares. So now my ex has 2 IVOs. NO evidence has been produced for ANY of the claims made... and a breach. Meanwhile my children are without their father, are going to grow up thinking I'm a loser... our relationship has already changed... I'm just someone they visit for a couple of hours a week. I love my children dearly... they have never, and will never be at risk of harm from me... NOW I CAN'T EVEN TALK TO THEM... no one cares.

What makes this an absolutely obscene situation is the fact that during our 15 yrs together I never laid a hand on her or the kids in anger. Sure the kids got a smack now and again... this only occurred after several warnings and an explanation of the reason... as was the way I was brought up by my step father. Se also taught me ‘there is NEVER a good enough reason to assault a woman or child in anger.' The killer here is that she was the one who was violent towards both myself and the children. I saw her on several occasions react with a back hand to the face of our daughter and call her a 'little c;$t’. These were always reactive and never measured or explained... the look of absolute bewilderment on my daughter's face will haunt me forever. She got so drunk one night that she nearly dropped her infant niece, our daughter. The same night on the way home she vomited over our daughter then proceeded to physically abuse me while I tried to clean it up. When we arrived home I received a flurry of abuse coupled with a good volley of punches to the face, all for trying to recover our daughter who had almost fallen out of my wife's arms because she passed out in the rocking chair.


I just need someone to take me seriously... because if they did they would see her lies as plain as day.

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