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Sunday, June 4, 2017
One in Three Campaign

Learning about some of the legal issues relating to domestic violence has been a very un-nerving road for my son to travel upon. Police action throughout his introduction to an Interim Domestic Violence Order has been at best questionable, now having read the NSW Police brochure on DV freely available on the web.

Trying to gain more information on the available help that is for a PINOP (in this case a male) I searched the public records of documents available on the NSW Health web site. “Domestic violence” was the search and to my joy hundreds of references to documents streamed down the page about females. OK, moving to the next appropriate search, 'Domestic violence against males". NO RESULTS FOR THIS SEARCH. NO, NSW Health should have some answers.

OK, next, a personal visit to the Local Health District and get it from the horse's mouth. "I'm here about domestic violence against a male." The person puts her hand up and as quick said, "we only deal with females, you need to go to someone like the Mens Shed, they might help you." Righto, off I go with phone number in hand after thanking NSW Health for their help.

"Hello this is the Mens Shed, how can we help you?" "I know a victim of domestic violence and I need some directioning." "Are you contemplating self harm?" "No." "Do you suffer from depression, we can help you with that?" "No." "Well I don't think we can help you."

Well back to Mr. Google and what do I find, One In Three. Read lots of good information. Well at least we have read many letters from males with the same issues. My final comment, in this country THE LAW IS AN ASS, 30 per cent is a huge figure statistically speaking. Who will save our men from domestic violence discrimination? What do our politically correct army have to say?


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