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Thursday, March 9, 2017
One in Three Campaign

I am a woman, and I work in the DFV sector supporting women and children in refuge. Although the organization I work for has a definite feminist standpoint, everyday I worry about the dads and men are not heard or taken seriously especially post separation. Remember DFV is not just physical. Emotional, psychological and verbal all play a part. Unfortunately, most of the power and control that I see post separation is perpetrated by women. Dads and children are often the victims.

Men need avenues to tell their story, be heard and taken seriously.

Men need to be supported in their efforts to form meaningful relationships with their children.

Men should not be expected to go through life without getting to know their children.

Realistic data describing DFV needs to be presented transparently. So many men do not report, or are not listened to when they try and report.

Domestic and Family Violence affects everybody. Not just women.

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