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Paul's personal story

I'm just reading your page on domestic violence orders. I'm in Queensland and my partner has taken one out on me for no apparent reason other than financial gain. We have 5 businesses, 3 multi-million dollar properties, and we are well off. My partner has used the court system to remove me from everything, and she pays for my accommodation where I'm staying. Total control over every movement I make.

I call the police because my partner stalks me but they laugh it off.

She controls all the finances, accountants, business.

Had to sell my Porsche just to survive and it was being vandalised.

Police don't do anything. Courts are doing nothing. I press charges and they do nothing.

Fraud on legal documents. Break and enter and assault on me. Theft from me.

There are so many things but the police don't do anything. I make statements but that's it - nothing happens.

It's a great story. There is not one bit of violence at all from me, just made up lies about me.

And it's just amazing how the police and courts do nothing.

In our businesses we look after people with mental health problems. Unfortunately my partner is suffering from this.

One day she loves me, the next she wants to kill me.

I'm down to my last dollar.

The other night I came home from the movies and a piece of MEAT with a note was there: "Die you c.... you're getting nothing!".

The Police came out and laughed. They took photos but would not do anything.

Look it's a story about a woman abusing the DVO system for financial gain, and mentally abusing me. I never thought a woman would ever do this kind of behaviour. Especially when we love each other so much, and still do.

Example: "I love you come home." I do - silly me. Then work gets on top of her, and she calls the police on me. I'm breached.




Any woman or child that is abused by anyone should go to jail for life.

But in my case I'm the victim. And the courts look at me as though I'm lying and my partner is portrayed as the victim, with no violence at all from me.

And judges don't listen or Police.

It's funny people with money and mental health problems are more dangerous than anyone.

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