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Thursday, August 18, 2016
One in Three Campaign


1. When in relationship, taunt him, shout, be very aggressive, dominate everything, throw objects at him, punch him, shout at the top of your lungs at 2am and tell him to "leave or I'll call the police", especially if he watches sport at that hour. Do this on a continual basis. Throwing objects is especially good. Try getting in his face and say "hit me, go on, hit me." Do that a lot. Hopefully he will, but he probably won't, especially if he's a gentle nice guy, but chances are he will raise his voice at some stage. This IS violence. You are now a victim. Now, its very important to push him so hard he says, "I'd rather die than live with you, I'd rather kill myself and end your torment". Bingo. Save this for later. Make note of it in your diary.

2. Get him to shout at you by providing endless days of torment, then leave straight away. Be distraught as possible for witnesses. Once separated, he'll probably want access to child, he's told he's allowed. Pfft. There's ways around that. Frustrate him in any way, so much so that he'll shout at you, AGAIN, yes, again ;). Write it down. A good way is not letting him be involved in his kids upbringing, especially effective if he's one of those "gosh I love my son so much" types. Do not allow him access except for under supervision by his mother in law. When he asks for that to end after a year or two - yes drag it right out - tell him...wait for it....that will never end, that's all you can EVER hope for.

It's preferable to do this in mediation. Chances are you'll get a mediator who is quite inept. Being in mediation where he thinks he'll get a fair deal and to find he gets jack shit, will destroy his soul totally.

Other handy mediation tips: Cry a lot, but not too much, don't give it away. Explain to mediator you only have safety interests of child at heart, and you fear this guy is a danger. They all believe that one, they watch the news. Now is time to tell them he is suicidal. Remember that one? Get your diary out. He's gone once they hear that.

3. Once it all gets too much for him, after his fruitless mediation sessions, taunt him again and tell him "you'll never get anywhere near your child unless you give me more money." He WILL shout in frustration at you at some time after that, I guarantee you. Apply for an AVO immediately, in fact even wait for 6 weeks to do so, the courts are all cool with it. If he's a meek fellow, that's it, he'll run, probably not even show up in court, and you'll never see him again. Men do that, they run from this shit they hate it so much. Pathetic.

Conclusion: It's the perfect solution. He's now officially violent, when it's actually you who are the violent one, and he's too scared to ever approach you again for fear of what you'll do to him and his PTSD working away at him every night as he can't sleep. If he ever comes back after a few years, he won't get anywhere, 1. You've proved he has no interest in raising his child by his absence, AND 2. You've proved him to be violent. Game over, minimal visitation at best. Oh and 3. You've actually moved 10 hours away so there's no hope ever of any repatriation. Sooo cool.

And, imagine if he did kill himself because of the pain. How brilliant would that be!! See, he was messed up, I saved my child!

It's so brilliant. Good luck.

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