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Zach's personal story

In 2011 I started dating a girl from my college after being talked into it by one of our mutual friends, as it would turn out this was quite a big mistake. During the first three months, everything was pretty good, we hung out, did stuff together and just generally acted like a regular couple. By that point I'd thought I was onto a good thing, and invited her to a party with my friends, let her into my life a little more. She proceeded to get completely wasted over the course of the night, would slap me in the face, or the side of the head, made fun of me in front of my friends and was just all around rude.

Let it go as a one off and moved on with the relationship. We dated for maybe a year or so more, before I got lucky and she moved to another city across the state from me. During the year and a half we were together, I was repeatedly kicked, punched, had my life threatened, I have scars on my arms from her biting me when I would try to stop her from hitting me. She would threaten to commit suicide if she thought I was going to break up with her. I was woken up four times to her making small cuts on my arms whilst I was sleeping. I'm completely colour blind in my right eye from her stomping on the side of my head when she came home in the early hours of the morning after a night of drinking.

Went to the police once, was questioned about whether I'd been drinking, what I'd done to upset her. I haven't trusted a woman in years.

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